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Street Market Sounds Thailand! Chang Puak Night Market

Before we leaving Chiang Mai on Friday its time to share another binaural street market sounds with you and this one is fantastic because in my opinion, it shows the power of the Soundman OKM in combination with the Zoom F4. After reviewing the sound file I could hear a huge difference to the Zoom H6 and what can I say, I love it! 🙂 and I hope you too.

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I went around 9 pm to this street food market called Chang Puak Night Market and it wasn’t super packed but I got a really nice selection of individual sounds. Please get your headphones ready and walk with me around the market.
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street market sounds

What you can hear!

In the beginning, I stay on the road and walk slowly to the vendor. You can listen to the food being made, people laughing, a chair gets moved around and motorbikes and cars are in the background.

I enter the market and somebody placed the silverware on the table.
Now it’s getting busier, I reach an area with more people chatting & eating and I slowly pass them.
We can listen to Thai and Chinese language. Many tourists here but nothing compared to the Saturday or Sunday Night Market. Still good to have a different variety of soundscapes.
Then, a motorbike with a strong exhaust drives away.

street market sounds

I keep on walking. The market is situated on the left side from the road. Here is the location. At daytime, you can see only red buses, shops and a handful of people walking around.

I stopped next to a woman making food in the pan and you can hear the buzzing of the oil.
People waiting in line and chatting and several kids are in the background.

street market sounds

After I reached the end of the market I turned around and walked to the main road to get the sound of the vendors facing the street.
You can listen to more things moving around, food grilling in the pan and on the grill.
Cars and motorbikes driving behind me and I enter the market again surrounded by all the sitting people and you can listen to more chatting and the food buzzing sound of the vendors.

More silverware and chairs moving all the time around this recording.
I stopped again next to a vendor and she moved the vegetables in hot oil up and down.
Now you can listen to a security guard with a whistle in the background.

street market sounds

The sound of an old Vespa followed by a Tuk Tuk in the background. You can listen to a ringing bell in the background before I stop the recordings. There is, by the way, a Vespa community here in Chiang Mai and you can see beautiful and stylish Vespas all across the city.

I turned the recorder off and that’s it! 🙂

That was really fun and you can really hear the quality difference by using the Zoom F4 with the Soundman OKM II Rockstudio binaural microphones. It just sounds richer then if I have them plugged to the H6.

The F4 has one minus for me and that is inside the battery box. You need to be careful about changing the batteries.
These little minus/plus metal plates that connect the batteries are not fixed properly. I was going to change batteries and one of these plates popped out on the market and I couldn’t find it for 15 minutes. If you have the recorder and no external battery be careful.:)

Zoom F4 Battery Case

Thank you so much for listening and if you like these sounds feel free to hit the download button on Bandcamp. You can also find this long recording inside my Complete Library in the Thailand Category! Thank you for your support and new sounds from Singapore and Bali are coming very soon!


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