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Street Dog Sound Effects Barking At Night in Cambodia

Street Dog Sound Effects from Siem Reap Cambodia.

We lived one month in Cambodia. A few days in Phnom Penh and almost 3 weeks in Siem Reap! The bus ride was great and you get a feeling how it looks like when the bus crossed the little village along the street. There is no Highway so make sure you drive at daytime. When it becomes night it is so dark and then after a few minutes you will see little lights on the horizon and you pass the next village. We made so many wonderful people in Cambodia so make sure to put Cambodia on your travel list!

Street Dog Sound Effects
When we arrived Siem Reap first we spent a few days in a Hotel to check out the apartment that we are going to rent. We found a wonderful apartment and we made this video about it so if you ever come to Siem Reap and you want to stay stress-free just rent the same place and as extra you get a free Airport or Bus pick up and she also the owner Koyan brings you to the Airport.

Living in Siem Reap in this Apartment cost about 200 US Dollar a month and a motorbike is around 40 US Dollar a month and she can organize this for you! Make sure to have your International Driving License in the pocket and you are good to go! Also one of our favorite breakfast lunch restaurants is just around the corner. Peace Cafe! And if you need a haircut just walk along the street and you see a little shop with no windows and a bunch of young Guys with cool hair. That is your place.

The Hair Dresser!

When we arrived you can see already in the video that this area is peaceful and far away from the busy Pub Street. Okay, with the Motorbike or by Tuk Tuk it takes you 8 minutes. So it is close enough if you like to see the nightlife but enough far from the crazy loud music. Angkor Wat is about 15 minutes away.

About the Street Dog Sound Effects!

Normally the nights are quite as well. You have this typical night sounds like the crickets but there was this little dog from one of our Neighbors. I guess they went out and left the dog alone and he/she starts barking. Some people might be annoyed but not me! I went out and recorded this sound from a distance with my little Zoom H1. There is a little bit of a hiss in this recording what is normal for a small recorder like this! If you live in a neighborhood like this than there is not only one dog! So in total, we have 3 different dogs barking and later in the recording, you can listen to a cracking door noise and somebody comes along with a motorbike.

Remember you can read blog posts or watch YouTube Videos that shows places and are attached with weird license free music but it never gives you a real feeling for a place. We are connected and attached to sounds and if you listen to the sound of this dog at night time, for example, you can imagine how it feels and sounds like to be here.

Street Dog Sound Effects

It is important for me that the new generation of Cambodians and Cambodian American to become active and tell the world what happened to them and their families.

Dith Pran

For this recording I only used the Zoom H1.

…and now I invite you to download this free street dog sound effects from Cambodia”!

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