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Where To Stay In Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Where To Stay In Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Recording sounds, making videos while traveling around the world is really fun for me but besides this, we make a lot of experience and gather pieces of information that someone who wants to start out traveling long term not has. Now I am going to share these information step by step with all of Guys and hope I can make it easier for you to save money, time and the most important part, avoiding stress. But don’t worry I will include free sounds from Cambodia in this blog post as well!

Maybe you are right now looking for a place to stay in Siem Reap, Cambodia and you travel on a shoestring or on a smaller budget?
You have expensive equipment with you and Hostels are not an options?
You are a traveler, expat or a couple like we are and want some alone time and like to cook sometimes your food at home?
Maybe you will work for an NGO or you are a Digital Nomad and you need good internet so that you can work from home? Let’s be honest, sharing wifi sucks!

Before we found this Apartment we spent 3 nights in Hotels and the prices are around 20 US Dollar a night. We came from Pnomh Penh and took the bus with PSD Express.
I can recommend this bus company. Super friendly staff with two drivers on board. It was a very comfortable and scenic drive. Free drinks inclusive.


There is another Bus Company called Giant Ibis but we never drove with them.
All buses have WIFI on board. You pay about 15 US Dollar per person and the estimated time is around six hours from Pnomh Penh to Siem Reap. There are two stops on the way, where you can rest, grab some food and other snacks.

Finding Apartments

Okay, let me tell you that there is another way of renting Apartments besides Airbnb, or Real Estate Services Agencies.
We using Facebook and we never had any issues. Not in Asia or in Europe!
In that case, I joined the Facebook Group Siem Reap Houses & Apartments For Rent and wrote this text for example.

“Hello! My girlfriend and I are looking for a furnished apartment from April 5 – April 30 (about 3 weeks.) We would like something fairly central with 1 bedroom, a reasonable kitchen, AC, and ideally with a pool! Our budget tops $400. Please contact me with any listings 🙂 Thank you!”

If you join the group you will already see other listings and you can compare prices. You can find prices from 80 US Dollar a month if 200 is to much for you.
I got private messages from six different persons and we made appointments with 3 of them. It is important that you are not going to stress yourself. Have always a Hotel room booked so that you never have the pressure that you need an apartment right now. Really, take your time. If you feel like this place is not right, trust your gut and leave.

Expats living in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Also, another tip that I can give you. We never make appointments to see apartments before we are in town. Mostly we stay 3 days or nights to get a feeling of a city. Do we like the vibe? Is it safe and easy to get around and the most important point? Do they have a good variety of restaurants? Believe me, Siem Reap has so many fantastic restaurants. Just send me a message, if you need recommendations.

Only if all of these points working for us, we going to search for apartments. If not, we just heading to a new destination.
After visiting the first two apartments, we went to the apartment from Ky and that was just the best what we could have imagined. She is so lovely and friendly that it almost felt like home!

Her apartments are brand new with 8 units. Free cleaning if you wish, you have a very comfortable bed, a big fridge a little kitchen and a really nice bath with hot water. You also have the opportunity to live outside of the city trouble and very close to Peace Cafe, where we loved to get our breakfast.

Peace Cafe Siem Reap
The apartment is also in a quiet and safe area. where you can enjoy your evening on the balcony.
The flat has also AC and a fan plus high-speed internet and there is a washing machine downstairs!
The best part was the motorbike. I love driving around independently, but renting a motorbike can be very pricey for a tourist in Siem Reap. I saw signs with 10 to 15 Dollar on a daily base. Ky organized us a motorbike for 40 US Dollar a month.

How much cost the apartment

Her price for the apartment is in the moment $ 200 ( depending on season) for a month but she has daily and weekly prices as well.
For Electricity: 1000 r/ kWh and Water: $5/ month.
Bicycles are free to use.
Pick up from the Airport transport to the Airport in her own car is free.
If you like to go on a tour, just let her know and she can organize a reliable Tuk Tuk Driver.

Where is the Apartment

Here you can find the exact location!

If you come from the main street take a right into street 12. After 200 m you will pass a little house with a shop. The next house with the huge front gate on the left site is the apartment building ( on the right site from the photo perspective)!

Street 12 Siem Reap

Before you drive in take a look at the Hotel “Samatika Villa Boutique”! They have a wonderful pool and we paid 2 Dollar each and could use the pool the whole day! Fresh towels inclusive.

Contact Information

You can contact her directly on Facebook: Ky Kolyan 
Phone number: 088 54 91 999/ 012 82 93 82

The Apartment Video (Not YouTube)

If you ever come to Siem Reap, I hope you have a great time! We loved it and never had any issues! Libby and I helped several NGOs and other Restaurants. If you have any questions about Siem Reap just let me know and I am happy to help you if I can.
Naga Earth Siem Reap

No Blog Post without a sound!

I made you Guys a mix of different sounds that I recorded around Siem Reap!

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