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Stadium Sounds Staples Center Icehockey

It is all about Ice Hockey and I recorded these stadium sounds at the Staples Center in Downton, LA!
I went to the Staples Center to watch my first Ice Hockey Game and hoped to record some amazing stadium crowd sound effects!
I wasn’t sure if I should bring my full audio equipment or not and decided to bring only the Zoom H6 with me! I also didn’t make any videos to make sure not to break any laws.

Stadium Sounds

If you like to know more about the actual gameplay, check out this post from the NHL. It has two videos attached!

Before I could go into the Staples Center, I had to go to a special area where they checked the bags. I ask if I can record sounds and they told me, that this is fine.

Then to make sure that nobody touched my bag they collected me and four other people and escorted us to a different door where I and my bag got scanned again! Security Reason what is totally fine with me!

If you think about how much organization is in and around this stadium for events, two basketball teams (LA Lakers, LA Clippers) and the Ice Hockey Team LA Kings that is very impressive.

Stadium Sounds

The Staples Center was opened on the 17.10.1999 and has seats up to 21000 guests depending on the event! For Ice Hockey Games it should have seats for about 18230 guests. I would say for that game we had about 10000 visitors. Maybe less!

Stadium Sounds
Stadium Sounds

I found my seat closer to the roof than to the game field, but one hour later you can sit where ever you want. If the seat is available of course. The staffs don’t mind. Some of my recordings are closer to the game field, but the most are from the top!
Here is my seat number and me closer to the game field!

After a while, I got so frustrated because of all the commercial breaks! But that is how it is I guess! That is what you pay for! The game is just a site product! Upselling you with commercials is the business and as they called out “Free Mc Flurry for everyone after the Game” the fans went crazy! Why not a free salad?

Let’s talk about the Stadium Sounds and what I recorded!

-crowd applause
-walla walla sound
-motivation for the team
-cheering after a goal
-a longer cheering sound because of a fist fight between two players
-referee whistle
-puck kicking around with the hockey stick

The Staples Center is exactly here.

I spent two hours to cut out all the talking and the music parts and have about 15 minutes of usable sound material what you can download for free direct out of my Dropbox down below!

Besides the original files I recreated this sound files and named them:

The Original File Amplify +5DB Part 1 and Part 2, 15 min!
Trapped between Worlds ( very spooky and dark), 7 min!
The Halloween Reverse (spooky version too) 7 min!
The Robotic Game (Robotic Flanger) 8 min
The Buzzed Game (Buzzed Flanger) 8 min!
In The Stadium Part 1 and Part 2 (Surround Reverb) 15 min

I am not a sound designer so don’t expect too much! Here down below you can listen to the sounds! And as I said the original sound file is not compressed or manipulated so you can create your own sounds out of it! So have fun with it!

“Tone is always such an important thing, and that’s achieved through a multitude of people. It comes through the writing, it comes through the way it’s shot, and it comes through the production design and the sound design”.

Harry Treadaway


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