Spooky Sounds! Old Window Blinds & Shutters Sound

Nothing is better than spooky sounds! But what is even better if its natural! While living in my friend’s place in Germany I realized he has super old window blinds and these blinds create a very unusual sound. I have never seen this kind of window blinds in the US. The room will be completely dark if you close it and another reason is not only to bring darkness. It isolates noises and can keep away thieves. It is not so easy to open these window blinds from the outside!
Everything is old around this window blind. The Cord and the parts that are attached to the cord and fixed in the wall. Everything is over 30 years and still working. The German Word for the Window Blind is “Rollladen” or “Storen”.

spooky sounds

“We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.”
― Stephen King

I created an Album on Bandcamp and you can download 5 different versions besides the Original File for free.

  1. In The Church Reverb
  2. Twist The Rope (4 Times Window Blind Mix)
  3. Great Hall Reverb
  4. More Intense Sounding
  5. Original File with more Amplitude
  6. Original File

Download these spooky sounds direct from Bandcamp!

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