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Soundly Exclusive Promo Code
1 month free!

For over 2 years, we’ve collaborated with Soundly and have been we contributing to the platform new sounds that we record every month. When you download and get started with Soundly, don’t be surprised if you find over 3,500 of Free To Use Sounds recordings!

What is soundly?

In a nutshell, Soundly is an extremely powerful sound effects management application that allows you to search for thousands of sound effects & ambience recording inside the Soundly cloud. You can easily drag and drop these royalty free sound effects in any DAW or video editor software you work with.  

The application also helps you to manage, organize, and localize your own files within seconds. You can start editing your own sounds inside the Soundly application without editing the original source file. Changing metadata and description can be quite daunting when dealing with many files but with Soundly it’s a breeze! I’ve use their platform over the years to add metadata to thousands of files! 

How To Apply The Promo Code

Soundly works on Mac and Windows operating systems. Simply go to the Soundly website and download the application. 

After you have created your free account all you need to do is using the code: ftus2021

To complete the steps you need to use your credit card but don’t worry Soundly will only charge you after the first month. If you aren’t happy you can cancel anytime!

The monthly subscription is only $14.99 which in my opinion is worth it!

coupon code: ftus2021


Under the search bar you will see the “add-ons” tab. You can select Free To Use Sounds and all of our current Soundly uploads will automatically added to your library! It’s free!

Watch Our Video About Soundly

Still unsure? No worries, we made this video where we show you around Soundly and exactly how to apply the promo code! Enjoy!

In Conclusion

If you’re wanting to step up your sound design or post-production game, I can’t recommend Soundly enough. We use the platform nearly everyday whether it’s for one of our YouTube videos or organizing one of our sound libraries. We hope you enjoy your experience with Soundly and that you can make your project sound its very best!

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