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Recording Skatepark Sound Effects Library in Singapore

As a world traveler and full-time field recordist, I always look for new and exciting places to record sounds, and Singapore was no exception. With its clean and safe environment, Singapore offered a wealth of opportunities to record a variety of unique sounds.


Exploring the Skatepark

One evening, I came across a skate park along the coast of the east of the country. Surrounded by the sounds of the sea, the skate park was a hub of activity, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to capture the sounds of skaters grinding, sliding, and jumping with their skateboards and bicycles.


A Sound Library Filled with Energy

The result of my recording session was a sound library filled with the energy and excitement of the skate park. From the grinding and sliding sounds of skateboards to the freewheeling of bicycles, the library features a wide range of sounds that are perfect for percussion purposes and skatepark sound effects.

The sounds of people chatting in the background, the sea, and skaters jumping and hitting the ground all contribute to the authentic and immersive experience of the sound library. And when a man came with his skateboard very close to the microphone, I was able to record the fantastic sliding and grinding sound of his tricks.

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