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Singapore Downtown Ambience

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Singapore Urban City Sounds
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Recording royalty-free Singapore sound effects for the largest Singapore Sound Library

I could go on and explain why I think Singapore is one of the greatest places we’ve ever lived, but this post is dedicated to all the amazing sounds found there! With that said, I’ve broken down each location that is featured in this sound library Enjoy taking a tour of this young nation through an immerse soundscape trip!

MRT Downtown Station on Sunday night
You will hear very few people in the distance and walking by with Mandarin and English spoken. The train arrives and leaves in the background with beeping sounds of the doors closing. There is a nearby ticket machine with more beeps. Another train arrives at 02:40 min and the doors open, closing, beeping sounds of the doors and the train leaves
Link Mall passage & walkway at night
Recording on Sunday evening in the walkway between Downtown MRT and Link mall underneath “The Sail” condominium there was almost no foot traffic. You can listen to people eating and chatting in the background with several plates and cutlery moving around. The hallway is empty which creates a hollow effect however an escalator and air condition sounds can be heard.
Using escalators at The Link Mall in downtown Singapore
I recorded the sounds of four escalators with no people around. You can listen to the typical machine sound of the escalator plus several bumps of the stairs with a long beeping signal, a squeaking door, and several other sounds.
The squeaking automatic door at The Link Mall
At the entrance of the Link Mall, there was an automatic door created a fantastic squeaking noise whenever it was opening and closing.
Footsteps in a stairwell at “The Sail Condominium”
I recorded myself walking up and down the stairwell. I added silence between the recordings silence then walk down again. The walls creating a nice natural reverb in the staircase.
Room tone in an empty corridor between Link Mall & Raffles Place at night
You can hear an air-conditioner and an escalator in the background. There are few people walking by with a door opening and closing. One person coughed which created an unexpected reverb.
Water fountain at “The Clift”
I recorded a small water fountain at “The Clift” which was underneath a parking garage that belongs to a huge business complex. You can slightly hear people in the background, the air conditioner, and a car driving into the parking lot.
Street traffic Cecil Street intersection in the daytime
The traffic was not heavy at this time and several people walking by. There is a crow at the beginning of the recording with trucks, buses, and cars passing by. At 02:25 min a construction begins with a hammer drill sound.
Street traffic Robinson Road – Sunday Daytime
This street is a one way street with traffic coming from right to left. You can listen to the beeping sound of a Haulotte machine. At min 02:07 min you can listen to the clock bell coming from the Telok Ayer Market (where I got amazing market ambience at night!)
Escalator sound at Raffles Place MRT
First I went up and then I went down and then I did that twice. You can listen to the typical escalator sound with nice rumblings. It was Sunday which means almost no people were around.
Bistro ambience at Marina Bay Financial Centre
I went to a small restaurant that had about around 20 and 30 customers at the time. You will hear people chatting, silverware in the background, the staff is moving around, a microwave opening and closing, and a running coffee machine. I was so lucky to find a bistro with no music!
Marina Bay Financial Centre lobby ambience
After I left the bistro I recorded outside in the lobby and I felt like thousands of people walking in and out. The building was so tall and the reverb of the people was insane. Lots of walla with footsteps and beeping sounds from the security checkpoint.
Marina Bay Financial Centre Lobby & taking the elevator to 17th floor
This is by far one of my favorite recordings! After security gave me a badge, I went up the elevator door waiting for it to arrive. When the door opened many people exited and only a handful came up with me. The door closed and everybody was super quiet. You can hear clearly the voice of the elevator. This is a third party sounds so make sure to take them out for your projects.
Public restroom Marina Bay Financial Centre
This is one of the quietest toilets I have ever been to. Nice rumbling room tone powerful toilet flush and then the toilet neighbor farts (00:59 min). Also, you’ll hear somebody washing their hands and people walking by.
Room tone at Medical Center Marina Bay Financial Centre
I was sitting in the waiting room with several people and you can listen to a signal sound with calling numbers. A phone is ringing in the background, a kid runs up and down the waiting room laughing. Doors opening and closing and the air-condition runs in the background.
Street traffic & “Business People Walla” in front Of Marina Bay Financial Centre
After I left the Marina Bay Financial Centre I recorded the busy street traffic in front of one of the main entries. People walking in and out, chatting, laughing, smoking and walking by. A crow sits on a traffic light and does what a crow does. A Vespa drives by with the typical Vespa sound, several cars, trucks, and busses driving by.
Taking MRT Red Line Marina Bay to Raffles Place and City Hall

At the beginning of the recording, I take the escalator down to Marina Bay MRT. You can hear an automated announcement in English & Malay. Not so many people in the station while recording but I got a nice walla. The door from the MRT train opens, I go in and the doors close. The train started and we get this really nice train driving sound. After arriving at Raffles Place, the train doors open, people walking in and out (very few) and the doors closing (with announcement and beeping).

After we leaving Raffles Place we continue to City Hall MRT stop where the walla on the train is a little bit louder. There is a mix between English and Tamil or Hindi. We arrived to City Hall, the door open and closing and the recording is over.

Telok Ayer Market on Saturday night

I did two recordings at this market. The first one from the inside and the second one from the outside. This market is very busy on the weekends and one road is blocked only for the outside seats. You can listen to a lot of walla from the crowd and people having a good time!

We left the market and I recorded the outside ambience. I had no idea how many hundreds of people were there. The running staff asked me for Satay or a table for me but I kindly declined. I passed the food vendors and you can listen to the sizzling sounds on the hot grill. In the background you’ll hear plates moving, food stalls, staff that are looking for customers, kids, the fan of the air-condition coming from the market inside and people passing by.

Room tone in Condo, Escalator, and Lobby at “The Sail”

This track includes kitchen room tone, 38th floor room tone, room tone in small staircase room, room tone at emergency exit 8th floor and main entrance hall.

Lobby & main entrance traffic “The Sail”

The main entrance has a fountain with a nearby parking garage. I recorded this sound at night time and you can listen to several cars driving by, stopping and leaving. The “hum” in this recording comes from the air systems. Guests and security guards are chatting in the background.

Light street traffic on Marina Blvd

It is a big one-way street and the vehicles coming from the left to right. When the traffic light stopped several pedestrians crossed the street.

Using elevator at “The Sail” 38th floor

I pressed the button and the doors are closing. There is an automated voice that tells you “doors are closing”, “up”, “floor number”. The driving sound of the elevator is very fast created great rumbling sounds!

Crowded downtown restaurant

People waiting in line and chatting. You can listen to the staff preparing the food, using the cashier, and the people chatting while eating. A very rare to find for a restaurant like this to not have music playing!

Street traffic with construction in the background

After I left the restaurant I walked down the street to Central Blvd and recorded weekday traffic. It was a one-way street with cars, trucks, motorbikes, and buses passing by from left to right. In the background, you can listen to heavy construction machines like “Bauer” machines (German Construction Company) that drills big holes into the ground. It’s not consistently loud but it creates a nice reverb if the drill hits the edge of the metal.


Street traffic with Ferrari & pedestrian walla

You can still listen to the construction from track 24 in the background but my focus was the intersection. It is an intersection with four traffic lights and a nearby construction site with heavy hammering sounds. If the pedestrian light goes “green” people started walking my way and walking up the stairs.

You can listen to the walla of the people and the footsteps of the shoes. I also recorded a Ferrari at minute 02:10 min. The Ferrari stopped at the red light, the people walking, and then the car drives away coming from left to right. I also got the sound of the clock from the famous Telok Ayer Market (01:19 min.)


Street traffic passing by, pedestrian passing by Robinson Road & Market Street

This street is a little bit busier. You can hear people crossing the streets and cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes passing by. A few cars honking and a crow caws in the air.

Robinson road with pest control sounds

I love the sounds I recorded on this street! I recorded between 2 huge building and you can hear a very ghostly sounding hum that comes from air-conditioning. Also in the background, the machine sound was for pest control.

Loud construction at Boon Tat Link/Robinson Road

The construction within Singapore can be quite loud with the reverb coming from all the other buildings sounds amazing! I walked down the street and this massive construction zone in front of me and you can hear how the machine works its way down into the ground and everything that comes in the way gets destroyed.


Another construction zone on an unknown road

I went to another construction zone that had the same noise level with more hammering and drilling at a faster pace. You can listen to the traffic in the background and people chatting far in the distance. Also, one of the construction workers came up to me and asked me if I am from the “noise police”. haha


Day time construction on Robinson Road

More great hammering and digging on part of the street. There is drilling and people and cars passing by.


Street traffic on Anson Road near Tanjong Pagar Centre

I left the construction zone and walked over to the MRT station and recorded this street traffic at Anson Road. The traffic is not heavy or busy and the streets are very wide so everything sounds more relaxed.


Tanjong Pagar bus station with passing traffic

While waiting for several vehicles passed by on this busy road a bus stopped, open and closed the door and left. The engine sound of the bus is very powerful and you can listen to how the machine accelerates. Several people sitting left and right which wasn’t too present.


Tanjong Bagar MRT pedestrian tunnel with footsteps, walla & an escalator in background

If you go to the MRT sometimes you want to go to the other street you’ll need to pass through a tunnel. I recorded the sound of people walking and passing by with nice chatter and footsteps.


Small underground tunnel between Raffles & Marina Link Mall with footsteps

There is this small little tunnel that brings you to the link mall and I feel like nobody uses it. I walked up and down the concrete stairs and recorded my footsteps. First I walk slow and then I run (Start At 01:27 min.) I also close one door with a nice impact reverb.


Review and download the metadata here


Files: 43 files • Including metadata 

Size: 8.7 GB

Sample Rate: 192-24 WAV

Duration: Approx. 111 mins

Gear: Zoom F8n, Zoom F4, Usi Pro Micro & DPA 4060

Delivery: Instant – Blazingly-Fast – Digital Download On Bandcamp

License type: Royalty-Free 

Price: $3


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