Singapore Sound Effects Compilation! 40 GB, 300 SFX In The Category

In this blog post, I would love to share with you the newest Singapore Sound Effects that are inside the Complete Libray! 

Currently, I am more recording then publishing sounds on the website because Singapore has such great soundscapes and it is so much fun roaming around the city/country and record sounds but I do pre-edit all the sounds and upload them for you into the Complete Library cloud.

I also connected with Cheng Lijie who is a Singaporean Sound Designer/Editor and Andy Dorkings who is a musician from the UK. Together we go out and record fun sounds.
Cheng knows so many interesting areas and without him, I couldn’t offer you such a fun and unique catalog of sounds that I have already recorded.

Singapore Sound Effects

The Singapore Catalog includes currently over 15 GB or almost 100 high-quality recordings so please feel free to review the new sound list that I have created and download these sounds on your hard drive.

Whats in it?

-The Singapore Category is quite different than all the others. Now I include all the photos that I took so that you already can see how the area looks like that you get a better understanding of the sounds. The photos can be used for you as reference or work as well.

Singapore Sound Effects

-Recordings from one of the famous markets. The Tekka Market in Little India and other food courts around Singapore ( more coming soon)

-Several MRT Train Stations and Escalator Sounds ( I am going to create only an escalator sound library because there are so many here.

-NUS University Cafeteria with hundreds of students ( Great Walla)

Singapore Sound Effects

-Hydrophone recordings from canals and the ocean ( more will come)

-Contact microphone recordings from old doors, gates, and fences ( mostly impact sounds) and vibrations ( more will come) also recording stones on drain what creates a musical sound effect
– Skatepark sounds from landing and grinding skateboards what is a great percussion sound and amazing for music production or sound design.
-Bus station sounds especially the one where the French family missed the bus.
-Rain sounds in our neighboorhood
-Frogs & birds from the Botanical Garden at night time
-Elevator sounds and many many more…..

How Recorded?

I used the Zoom F4 field recorder and the DPA 4060. Also, I used hydrophones and contact microphones and all recordings with the F4 are in 192/24 bit. the drain recording is with the Zoom H6 in 96/24!

Whats next?


I bought the hydrophones and the contact microphones and Alex is such a great and talented inventor and I am happy to support him and promote his work. He has some new equipment coming up and you should check them out. I am going to record more hydrophone & contact microphone sound effects
I also ordered his induction coil microphone to record more electromagnetic fields.

Singapore Sound Effects


This is super exciting! I bought Jonas Gruskas Priezor what is an antenna and I am able to record large electromagnetic fields. I will create a “Singapore Electric City” Library
Another investment is the USI Pro and I am excited to have them besides the DPA 4060.


Another great excitement is the new Zoom F8n so I can provide more high-quality sound recordings in the future for you!

Zoom F8n

This is only possible because of all your support and I am so grateful for. I am out there for you recording more sounds.
Feel free to have a listen to the sound compilation and if you have already access it’s all lined up for you in the Singapore Category.

If you don’t have access but you would like too then just access the Complete Library Catalog and you have them all. I say thank you so much for your support and speak soon :).

New sound compilation (15.10.2018) with new sounds recorded in and around Singapore! We are back in November!

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