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Recording ambience at Singapore's Changi Airport

Are you a sound designer or a filmmaker searching for the ideal airport background ambiance? Look no further than this classic Singapore Changi Airport sound library!

Our library includes sounds from all over the airport, capturing the hustle and bustle of travelers as they arrive, depart, and enjoy the many amenities offered by Changi Airport. In this post, we will take you through the many unique features of Singapore Changi Airport and how we recorded these sounds.

Situated on the eastern edge of Singapore, Changi Airport is the largest transportation hub in Southeast Asia, handling millions of passengers every year. It has been voted the “World’s Best Airport” by Skytrax several times, and for good reason. The airport has a unique open-air design, allowing natural light and fresh air to flow through the terminals. Along with shops, restaurants, and lounges, Changi Airport has numerous entertainment options such as free cinemas, gardens, and even a swimming pool.


Sounds of Changi Airport

As sound recordists, capturing the sounds of an airport is a considerable challenge. The noise level in airports is high, and there are often competing sounds. The airport sound system can also pose a problem, with music or other announcements being broadcast through the loudspeakers. However, we were up to the task, and over several hours, we captured and archived many great sounds.

The sound library includes a broad range of sounds unique to Changi Airport, such as the bustling check-in and arrival halls, the atmospheric quiet of the airport lounges, and the sounds of announcements and traffic at the pick-up points. It also includes more distinctive sounds, such as the luggage check and baggage claim sounds, the sound of passports being stamped at immigration, and even the sounds of a cleaning machine and shower in the lounge.

This library is ideal for sound designers, filmmakers, and other creatives who want to incorporate these unique sounds into their work. Whether you’re creating an airport scene or need background ambiance for a film, this sound library has it all.


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