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Sheep Farm Ambience Sound Library

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Sheep Farm Ambience Sound Library

Enter the serenity of a sheep farm just beyond Chiang Mai with our latest sound library, ‘Sheep Farm Ambience Sound Library.’ Immerse yourself in a rural soundscape where gentle sheep bleats harmonize with the soft hum of farm life. Listen to the authentic sounds of sheep grazing, their voices resonating across the open fields, and the occasional whispers of tourists captivated by this tranquil setting.

Recorded using the Tascam X6 and the new DJI Osmo Pocket 3 transmitter, these sounds capture the real countryside. Whether you’re in search of natural farm ambience for your upcoming project or simply craving a sonic retreat to Thailands countryside, this library is your portal to the soothing cadence of rural life.

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Who would have thought a handy sound recorder in Cambodia would lead us here?

Hi there we’re Marcel and Libby and every sound on this site has been recorded by us. For nearly 7 years, we’ve been traveling around the world recording unique sounds for others to use! 

If you’re curious and want to learn more about our journey traveling full-time as sound recordists you can read on here or on CNN Travel.

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