Server Room Sounds

I recorded this server room sounds on our road trip from California to Iowa. We spent one night at a hotel somewhere on Colorado and I already recorded some amazing wind sounds ( coming soon) but before I went to my room, I came across this buzzing sound and followed the direction of it. It was the server room or better, a room for all the wifi and phone connections. The door was open so why not make this recording? For the recording, I simply used the Zoom H6!

server room sounds

Software Engineering might be science but that’s not what I do.
I’m a hacker, not an engineer.
– Jamie Zawinski

Version One!
You can download the regular version but I had to take out some rumbling and handling noise! Honestly, I just had the recorder in my hand and this wasn’t a good idea! Each movement creates a rumbling sound!

Download File

Version Two!
I created a drone sound effect in Audition! I just used the pitch bender to create a dark sounding element out of it! So feel free to use it as well!

Download File

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