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Sea Otter Sound Effects & Seagull Sounds Morro Bay

Recording Sea Otter Sound Effects & Seagull Sounds Morro Bay in California

After shooting a Wedding in Monterey it was time to drive home to Costa Mesa. Sadly we couldn’t drive down to the Big Sur because of the mudslide and it will take months and 1 billion dollar to fix the road again.

After a while on the road, we got hungry and stopped at Morro Bayby accident and ate at The Sunshine Cafe what is a great little restaurant.

Morro Bay is a small city with a population around 10200 people and known for the Morro Rock.
This 581-foot high rock is home for many birds like the cormorant, seagulls and the peregrine falcon. If you listen to the sound you can hear these animals in the background.

The Morro Rock is also to many sea animals like the sea lions and the sea otter.

It is very special to watch a sea otter. You can only find these weasels across the North Pacific along the Russian east coast, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, California down to the central Baja California Peninsula in Mexico.

Sea otters live only in coastal waters 15 to 23 meters (50 to 75 ft) deep and usually stay within a kilometer (⅔ mi) of the shore.
The worldwide population is by around 107000 and people start to recolonize these beautiful animals in Japan and Mexico.
Luckily you can see and listen to a few Sea Otter. About 3,090 living on the coast of California.

Listen to the second 00:59 min and you can hear a sea otter sneezing.

After minute 02:00 min a sea lion voice is in the background and you can listen to more and more sounds of the several sea otter babies.
Enjoy watching and listening how these wonderful creators playing in the water.

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