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sound compilation: school recess sounds

school recess

School recess recorded in Munich, Germany!


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Recording school kids sound effects in Munich, Germany

Before flying to the United States, I needed to get my 6-month visa from the US consulate in Munich. Lucky for me the experience was far better than in Berlin! We spent time in the city walking around the nearby neighborhood and we came across a private school. The screaming and playing children could be heard a block away! When approached the school we saw how much fun the kids were having playing balls, running around, screaming and laughing.

While I was recording, several pedestrians passed by and a few cars drove by. The street was a oneway with cobblestone so the speed of the cars were slow.

At the end of the second recording, the kids left the schoolyard and the 12pm church bell began ringing. The school and the atmosphere around the area created a nice and authentic reverb.


Sound samples

School Kids Sound Effects Germany


School Recess Sounds

2 files • 24 bit/96 kHz • 240 MB
7 mins

School Recess

School recess recorded in Munich, Germany!



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