School Crowds Kids Sound Effects Germany

Recording School Crowds Kids Sound Effects in Munich, Germany!

Before we could fly back to the United States I need to get my 6 months Visa from the consulate. From my experience the process in Munich is way quicker then Berlin.

We had a little bit of time and I walked around the city with Libby. We passed a private school and you coul already hear the kids playing and screaming at the schoolyard. The kids had a lot of fun playing with several balls, running around, screaming and laughing.

The teacher and several kids always asked for “Oscar”. I suppose he might be the star or the troublemaker on the ground. 

While I was recording several pedestrians passed by and a few cars drove by. The street was a oneway street with cobblestone. The speed of the cars were very slow because of the school.

At the end of the recordings, the kids leaving the schoolyard and the church bell started to ring. The school and the atmosphere around the area created a really nice and authentic reverb.

What sounds did I record

kids playing with a football and basketball, kids having fun, screaming, laughing in the background, a bicycle drives by, two-persons walking by, cars driving by on cobblestone, kids leaving schoolyard, church bell

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