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Saturday Night Market Soundscape, Chiangmai With Traditional Lanna Music

Welcome to a sound survey at the Saturday Night Walking Street on the Wua Lai Road This market is every Saturday and one of the biggest and longest markets in Chiangmai and if I remember correctly the largest I have ever been. You can hang out easily 3 hours and get lost between all the vendors, the locals, and the tourists. If you are wondering why the photos are different, I still want to protect the privacy of the people.

The length of the street is about 1 km with many little sideways. If you are a smoker I highly recommend leaving the cigarettes at home. The market road is now a non-smoking area.
You can visit the market starting at 4 pm until midnight.

If you don’t like crowded places then maybe you should go to one of the other daily night markets because it’s just crazy here. Thousands of people coming here each Saturday and walking up and down the small road. There is the Sunday Night Market on the next day with almost the same amount of people and shops! I will go record sounds there as well but with different equipment. We have two more months here so plenty of time.

busy market sound effects people walla

For this recordings, I used the Zoom H6 together with the Soundman OKM II Rockstudio. Its an easy setup for these kinds of recordings but next time I use the DPA 4060 with the F4.

At the market, you can get almost everything here. From just the typical tourist stuff to amazing street food. I personally don’t eat street food for several reasons anymore but that shouldn’t stop you if you want the full experience.

If you want to know more about the market you can find many blogs and YouTube videos about it but what about the real sound? Now I take you on a binaural tour how the Saturday Night Market really sounds like.

market crowd sound effects

About the recordings

I broke down the recordings in 6 soundtracks that you can easily download as an album from my Bandcamp Account if you work with ambient city sounds.
If you just want to listen to it, I have the full track uploaded the SoundCloud but don’t forget to listen with headphones.

If you have already access to my “Sync Secret Sound Library” you will find all sounds in the Bandcamp category.

I parked my motorbike on the other site of the street, closed my back and walked to the ring street. Chiangmai has an incredible ring road that goes around the old town.
You can listen to the street traffic and I walk right in the middle of the road.
You can hear the engine sound of the red buses, people walking and talking on the little market left from me in Thai language.
Between the ring and the entrance to the night market is another place where people sit and eat.

crowded market sound effects asia

You can also listen to the typical Tuk Tuk sounds and sometimes honks. People don’t honk in Thailand the same how they honk in Vietnam. That is a huge difference if you think about the difference of using sounds.

If I reach the market you can hear the whistle of a police officer who regulates the traffic and the people on the red light.

Then I enter the main entrance at the market the car noises are lower and the people chatting gets louder. If you hear that clicking sound, These are people who are walking around and trying to sell this stuff. It’s like a light ball.
I stop at one vendor who is a silversmith and you can listen to the sound he makes.

free fire sound effects

People laughing and if a blind person is standing in the middle and sings a song. People putting money in his box and as I walk a little bit further you can listen to two musician right from me singing a song.

One of my favorite parts is at minute 10:40 in the long SoundCloud file when I pass a person and he says “This market is huge”! Fantastic.

I also pass a baby crying and these sounds are always great to capture but another sound came to my ears. A high “bing, bing” and I followed this sound and took a left from the main road and then I saw a small stage and what I heard was just amazing.

traditional lanna music chiangmai

Traditional Lanna music that comes from Northern Thailand and you listen to instruments like the Pin Pia, the Zueng and the Zalor. I had to Google this. 🙂

I stopped in front of them and smiled I couldn’t interrupt the play but I showed them my recorder and gave them a sign if I can record this and a friendly smile came back, I placed 200 Baht in the box and sat down and recorded this sound for about 16 minutes. Lucky that almost nobody was there in the beginning but more and more people showed up and I moved on and walked back to the main road.

I remember two years ago when we are here I saw a very old men playing with a violin and sang a song. He was still here and played the same song.

violin sound effects

I passed him and walked to the exit. A man with a flute in his hand played a short song and I got that as well. Before that, I could capture a woman voice through a megaphone.

The Soundtrack ends with the clicking sound from the beginning, the street traffic sounds gets louder and you can still listen to the whistle of the police officer.

police sound effects

I hope you enjoyed these marked crowd sound effects of “The Saturday Night Market from Chiangmai, Thailand”!
Now it’s up to you if you want to download the full track at once from SoundCloud at the top of the post(1.3 GB) or just the part you like on Bandcamp.

Also, if you have access to my Complete Library it’s in the Bandcamp section.


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