San Pedro Saturday Night Fish Market! Walk With Me In Binaural Audio Quality! LA City Sounds


Waking up at 2:30 am is I think a great start for a Saturday morning! While Costa Mesa is still in its deep sleep (this is where we live right now) and you can still see the fog that often stays at the back bay, I was so pumped to drive all the way up to the San Pedro Saturday Night Fish Market! Not to buy fish, that’s for sure. No because of the sound that I hope to catch!
I wasn’t alone on the road but clearly, driving on the 55 and 405 with no traffic is fun! I wished we had German Highway Rules here! I mean no speed limit, oh and a faster car!
When you drive up this huge bridge in long beach you see thousands of containers in these neon lights that is pure magic and sorry I would love to describe this feeling but my English is limited! One day, if you come here around this magic hour, you know what I mean!

San Pedro Long Beach At Night

As I arrived the San Pedro Saturday Morning Fish Market I think you can say this is a “hidden secret”. I am not sure when it starts! You can read online it starts between 2:00 and 3:00 AM. Other websites will tell you 3:30 am and 4:00 am! I arrived at 3:30 and the market were open. Closing time should be around 8 am so don’t be too late!

When I looked at the license plates people arriving from all over the place to buy fish! Nevada, Arizona even Texas and now Iowa (our license plate). Only Saturday is it open to the regular public so the biggest costumers are restaurant owners I guess.

San Pedro Saturday Night Fish market

The Fish Docks are situated along a block long loading dock on a small street named Signal Street and not far from Ware House One what is a 6 story building and built in 1917 and registered in the National Register of Historic Places.
It wasn’t that busy but you can see workers and costumers loading trucks and cars with these Ice Boxes full of fish! If you look in the faces of the people who working and come here, they all hard working and nobody you wanna fuck around with. So be nice :)!

Before you enter the dock you have to walk up a small ramp to the left or you can take a small ladder in the middle of the docks. On boards outside their door, you can read what is for sale that day or night. Be careful when walking around. There is water everywhere, so wear suitable shoes or come with boots (Gummistiefel) and if you want to buy fish, bring cash!

San Pedro Fish Market Sound Effect

I didn’t ask if I could film inside while I am recording the audio but I read that photography is discouraged and photographs are not permitted inside the fish companies so I kept the camera inside my car!

In the first two minutes, I recorded and filmed the outside surroundings before I changed to my binaural headphones.
In the video, you will see in this moment a picture!
Clearly we have some wind noises so sorry about that but for the most part, I feel like we have some really nice sounds!

Okay, let’s get these headphones on and start walking!
I walk you thru!

– You can hear people laughing and I closed the door of my car!
– Car starts and somebody walks over a ramp!
– People talking!
– Listen to this night sound!
– Now, I walked right next to this trailer where you can hear the
cooler noise of the truck!
– I enter the first fish hall! Somebody opened a huge door from a
Walk-In refrigerator!
– Chain Sound in the background(Cutting Fish)!
– People talking! I thought why is a kid here at this time?
– I waited in front of the electric chain to get a better sound of
the cutting!
– People talking Spanish!
– Squeaking Sound!
– Somebody paid the bill!
– Now I am outside again and walk to the second hall!
– A horn in the background!
– (Sorry for the little wind noise here)!
– You can hear water sound! This is one of my favorite ambient
sounds! Gosh, I loved this sound!!!
– People talking and you have the sound of a running machine
in the background again!
– Somebody needs to pay 6,20 Dollar!
– I leave this hall out again and walk to the third hall!
– Ahh, this wonderful night sound again!
– Somebody is coughing!
– I am still in the hall and you can listen to an electric chain
again! I think he cuts tuna!
– Another worker cuts the fish with a big knife!
– Squeaking sound!
– (Radio in the background)
– I am outside again and explain a little bit!
– Now we going to the last fish hall!
– Somebody cleans with a broom
– Now I have my hand in a container full with ice and move
– (wind noise)!
– Now we are in the last fish hall!
– You hear the electric chain sound again!
– Now listen to this “BOOM”! If you hear this, that was a man
coming up and he is placing a huge fish right in front of me on the table!
– Men put a shovel in Ice!
– People talking!
– Now I am out again you hear me walking slowly to the car (wind noise)!
That was the sound and if you love eating fish then this is the place to go!

I really hope you enjoyed the sound at the San Pedro Saturday Night Fish Market!

After that, I drove down the street to the Ware House One and recorded the silence of the night in this street!
This sound will be coming up very soon!Ware House One Los Angeles

Here is the exact location where I recorded the sound!


…and now I invite you to download these binaural sound effects from the San Pedro Saturday Night Fish Market.

Outside the Fish Market!

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Binaural Sound Inside the San Pedro Fish Market!

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