Royalty Free Toilet Flush Sound Effects

 Royalty free toilet flush sound effects recorded worldwide!

In this toilet flush library, you will find different toilet flush sound effects recorded while traveling across the world.

The idea to record toilet flushes came to me, oh wonder, in a public toilet in Los Angeles. I listened to the weirdest toilet sound I ever had heard in my life and I wanted to record that….

Sound Compilation (Download Library Down Below)

…but who brings a recorder into a public toilet??

Me, now!!! From that moment on I thought about creating a toilet flush sound effect library. I am visiting so many places and why not start to record these sounds in hotels, restaurants, public toilets, in airports, train station or in the apartments that we rent along our journey? You will find the downloadable library at the end of this post.


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I can find sounds in any corner! It might sound funny but I do have probably one of the most unique toilet flush sound libraries worldwide recorded and the flush you see and hear in this video is already included! 65 different flushes recorded in apartment, hotels, airplane and public toilets waiting for you to be used! . . You can copy this link to check it out! . Spoiler warning! The idea to update the library came to me yesterday while watching Stranger Things episode 7! 🙂 Yes maybe it’s a strange thing to record toilet flush sounds but who said that I am normal. 🙂 Gear I am using! Zoom F8n, Usi Pro, Limpet Mic Hydrophone and AKG C411 contact microphone! . . . . #FreeToUseSounds #ZoomCreators ##soundguy #ambient #musicproduction #sound #soundrecording #soundengineer #ZoomF8 #filmmaker #audiogear #soundeffects #foleyartist #prosound #audio #geearslutz #recordingstudio #sounddesign #mogamicables #sounddesigner #filmindustry #SoundMixer #audiophiles #soundrecordist #recordingartist #locationsound #ProSound #audioporn #originalsound #behindthescenes

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Toilet Flush Sound Effects list

Here is the list with all the destination where I recorded toilet sounds from 2017 until now. I will continue flushing and recording toilet sounds then nothing is worse to listen to the same toilet sound over and over again :).

1. Hotel Bell Rock Resort Sedona Toilet One (USA)
2. Hotel Bell Rock Resort Sedona Toilet Two (USA)
3. Hotel In Gallup Red Roof Inn (USA)
4. Hotel In Colorado American Best Value (USA)
5. Wholefoods Sedona (USA)
6. Wholefoods Alberqueque (USA)
7. Safeway Trinidad (USA)
8. Gas Station Somewhere In Kansas (USA)
9. Gas Station Highway 183 Nebraska (USA)
10. Sioux City Toilet Room In A House (USA)
11. Sioux City to Omaha Interstate29 Reststop Restroom (USA)
12. Atlanta Airport Toilet Recorded Binaural (USA)
13. Delta Airlines Boeing 777-200 Flight To Atlanta (USA)
14. Seoul Airport Toilet (South Korea)
15. Vincom CGV Cinema (Vietnam)
16. Hoi An At The Hub Hoian (Vietnam)
17. Toilet recorded a few months ago at my friend’s house (Germany)
18. Toilet Sound recorded in a restaurant in Hoi An! I recorded the full action! Open and close the door, open the toilet, recorded the pee sound, washing hand sound and open and closed the door! Pretty fun (Vietnam)
19. Toilet Flush in the lounge at Da Nang airport (Vietnam)
20. Pissoir in the lounge at Da Nang airport ( Vietnam
21. Toilet Flush sound effects at airport Denpasar, Bali (Indonesia)
22. Airbus 320 open toilet and closed toilet
23. Convenience Store on the road (Japan)
24. Grocery Store on the road (Japan)
25. Rest station on the road in (Japan)
26. Toilet flush in a Japanese restaurant (Japan)
27. Another rest station on the road (Japan
28. Toilet sound in our guest house in Narita with a flush, water jet and dryer sound (Japan)
29. Toilet flush sound effects Flight Tokyo-Detroit, Airbus 350-900 (brand new aircraft!!)
30. Airbnb Apartment Toilet (Costa Rica)
31. Liberia Airport Toilet (Costa Rica)
32. On Board Boeing 777 Qatar Airways Open and Closed 00:21
33. On Board Dreamliner Qatar Airways
34. Houston, Texas Friends House Toilet (USA)
35. George Bush International Airport Toilet Room (USA)
36. Private Apartment Bali Counter Clock Wise (Indonesia)
37. Private Apartment “The Sail” (Singapore)
38. Airport Bangkok Lounge 01 (Thailand)
39. Airport Bangkok Lounge 02 (Thailand)
40. Airport Bangkok Lounge 03 (Thailand)
41. Cinema Denpasar Bali Counter Clock Wise (Indonesia)
42. Airport Denpasar Counter Clock Wise (Indonesia)
43. Financial Center Marina Bay( Singapore)
44. Flush & Farts Financial Center Marina Bay (Singapore)
45. Airbnb Private Apartment (Singapore)
46. Wildwood Inn Hotel Room 211 (Ted Bundy)
47. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
48. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
49. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
50. Hotel AirBnB Ho Chi Minh City
51. Apartment Denver, Colorado USA
52. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
53. Hotel in Da Nang, Vietnam
54. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
55. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
56. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
57. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
58. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
59. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
60. Public toilet old mall in Singapore
61. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
62. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
63. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
64. Hotel somewhere in Vietnam
65. Hotel somewhere in the US

toilet flush sound effects

There’s no place like home. And there’s no toilet like your own.

Taylor York


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Specs:  65 files • 24 bit / 192/96 kHz • 2GB •Metadata included

Delivery: Instant -fast – digital download on Bandcamp 

Equipment: Zoom F8n, Zoom H6, Zoom H3VR, Usi Pro, DPA 4060

License type: Single user, royalty-free 


As a Complete Library user (just $12) you can find these sound effects and thousands of more field recordings inside our cloud and use it without credit attribution! All sounds included in this post can be found inside the Bandcamp Category.

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