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This is “Patrick” Okay, this is how we call him. Maybe he has a name or maybe he doesn’t? Has he a home? We don’t know. He looks well and he is super friendly what is a good indicator that he might have a good home around our place or this is just something what we hope. All that we know is that he is always there when I open the gate and look out for him. Sometimes I call “Patrick” and five minutes later he is in front of our gate! Then I let him in and he sits outside or lays in our garden area until he wants to explore his neighborhood again. He is a sweet dog like many others dogs here in Vietnam and what they need is a little bit of affection and love. We living here for the next 2 months and until we leave our place is his place.

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Libby and I are sitting on the table in the kitchen room and did some work and somebody was walking around our gate. We keep the gate always open so that Patrick can walk in and out how he wants. Somebody who came by did a little sneak peak in our garden area, but not for long. Patrick stood up and start barking at him and he left! But that wasn’t enough. He kept on barking so I had enough time to get the recorder ready and  could recorded him for almost five minutes until he calmed down and came back to his place.

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He is such a good dog, loyal and just nice and I know already that leaving this place and leaving him it’s going to be hard. I am always attached to animals. We lived 3 months in Limassol, Cyprus and many street cats are all over the island. We had a nice apartment in a complex and if you rent an apartment you rent this automatically with a few cats! They just hang out with us all the time and if you walk along the beachfront in Limassol you always have company. We fell in love with all these cats, so we had to make a video of them. It is one of my favorite videos that we ever made. It comes from the bottom of our hearts so if you can spear a few minutes, it would be nice if you watch it and believe me the videos that we do for our Travel Channel “Libby and Marcel” are on a different level than the sound videos!

About The Recording!

I just have the Zoom H6 in my hand while I am recording this audio! The recording is made in a quiet neighborhood somewhere in Hoi An.
It is not just the dog sound in the recordings, you have birds chirping and you can listen to the sound of an owl in the background. I know there are two owls but I haven’t found them yet. You can listen to a chicken and other interesting animals in the background as well. A motorbike drives by and you can also hear people in the background.
“Patrick”  barks louder and more excited and some point. Sounds like he has a problem with the world right now 🙂 and at after a few minutes later, I hold the recorder very close to his nose. You can hear this because the sound starts clipping. If you are an Audio Student that is the time where you can try to fix this because I keep this how it was recorded. Dont worry it is not for long. Only a few seconds.
You find the Sound File down below and you can download this file from my Dropbox Folder or you can download this track plus all others from my Album “Sounds of Vietnam” what I am  going to fill up with all the new sounds that I record around Hoi An, Da Nang! This Album is now freely available! Merry Christmas!

Dog Barking Sound Effect

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”
M.K. Clinton

These dog sound effects are inside the left library but make sure you listen to the 1000 dogs of Costa Rica as well!

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