Royalty Free Open & Closing Roll Gate Sounds! Manual Gate with Lock

Recording roll gate sounds in Costa Rica

We spent one month in Costa Rica with our friends Mark and Juliana from “Boho Beautiful” and shot over 30 videos. We shot these videos on different location like in Santa Teresa for example.

We spent several days in one Airbnb next to the beach and they had this amazing roll gate and it’s huge and not automatic. Every time when we left the place I opened the mechanism of the lock and rolled it to the left. For closing, I rolled it to the right until the hook falls in the lock. I thought all the time “I have to record that sound before we leaving”! So I did on the last day.

roll gate sounds

The tiny metal wheels are rolling on a metal rail and it creates a fantastic rumbling sound. I do it in a nice slow pace.

For the recording, I used the DPA 4060 and my Zoom H6. Its just a perfect setup and you can download two versions in Mono. I felt like it makes more sense to record in Mono. One closer to the gate and one closer to the rail.

For these roll gate sounds I used following equipment

Zoom H6
DPA 4060
File length: 1:58 min
Bitrate: 96/24 WAV

If you have a sound library with gate sounds like sliding gates, metal doors I think this might fit perfect to your existing sounds. You can download both as you wish. On SoundCloud, you can listen to a stereo version that I created out of both files. Just click the little hook in the media player. Thank you so much for using this free sound effect and I hope you enjoy the sound!

DPA Microphone MONO one

Download File

DPA Microphone MONO two

Download File



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