Royalty Free Concrete Mixer Sound Effect! Machine From 1970

Another new sound for the category “creativity”. I love so much about this recording.
This concrete mixer is truly an “oldtimer” and it sounds already like music in my ears and just listens to the rhythm.

I drove with Libby to Da Nang and we came across this new construction areal. It’s getting so unbelievable busy around Da Nang. It is impossible to find a place with no construction around. New buildings everywhere.

Royalty Free Machine Sound Effects

It was already raining all the long but we said “let’s go to the movie theater” and on our way I saw this concrete mixer running but what really grabbed my attention was the factor that it hadn’t a cable or an electrical connector to the power supply.
I couldn’t believe it because it was run by an old diesel engine with an exhaust.
Together with the liquid concrete inside the mixer, it created its own rhythm and with a little bit of phantasy, you could already dance to this sound.

Royalty Free Machine Sound Effects
What I really love about these sounds is that its a real and authentic sound from a time I wasn’t born yet, but it brings me back to this century and let me know how it was 40 years before. This concrete mixer is from the 70s or older and is still working every day.
Creativity has no borders or an ending and with this sound, I hope you can get your creativity flowing.

Wave and Spectral Frequency Display

Wave and Spectral Frequency Display Adobe Audition

Travel brings power and love back into your life.”

– Rumi

Thank you so much for your support and I am continue recording sounds from all around the world and now I invite you to download as always two version! The SoundCloud Version and the Original Version!

The Original Version!

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The SoundCloud Version!

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