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Is Binaural Audio the Sound of the 21st Century? I don’t know but what I know is that I am in love with my Roland Binaural Headphones!
Yes there small and maybe the sound quality isn’t the same than a 3DIO for example, but as I say there a small and great for urban sound recordings for under 100 US Dollar especially at an Airport or in a Train Station! Just a few days ago I talked with a field recorder who had been told that he needs to leave the train station because he was recording! I showed him my little headphones and all that he said was. “Wow, they look like headphones” Exactly! 😉

Welcome Back to LAX and to a new free sound from my series LA City Sounds! In this ambient location sound that we recorded for you, we went back to the LAX Airport to catch the plane to New York City! Imagine you walk with us around LAX Terminal 5 and we bring the luggage to the Check-In Counter! Passing people talking and putting the luggage on the scale! The friendly service agent told us that our Luggage has an overweight of five pounds so we had to move stuff around. But listen for yourself and listen to the surroundings because it is great!

But don’t forget your headphones!

So if you are new into binaural audio watch THIS video and walk around New York City with these Guys and the 3DIO Binaural Microphone!

But what exactly is binaural audio?

Binaural audio (or as you can say 3d Audio) is already more than 20 years old and it seems like it starts to awaken right now beginning with the VR or Virtual Reality Movement. In VR you have the big screen on your head and you see what is going on around you and in order to enjoy the full experience and binaural audio, you need to be wearing headphones as well.

For creating the real binaural audio experience you need to capture the sound that you actually hear in your ears like I do in this sound example. I mean I need to record while I have the Microphones in my ear.
Other Sound Recorder using dummies but I can’t walk around with a dummy. Also as a World Traveler, you just haven’t enough space.
When you listen to my binaural audio recording and you wear headphones, close your eyes and you will feel like that you are in the same spot where I the recording made!

So now enjoy the sound and if you are hunting for more binaural sounds, check out my Libary in the section “binaural”!

The exact location where I did the recording!

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