Rotary Phone Sounds Original 1980

Recording Original 1980 Rotary Phone Sounds!

While in Sioux City, Iowa, we visited Libby’s family home and discovered an old rotary telephone! Honestly, her family’s house is a treasure trove of interesting sounding objects. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to play around and record more!

This rotary phone from the 1980s creates a great sound with the rotating dial wheel! Sadly it couldn’t make the ring because the power is generated from the telephone jack and we could only connect it with a wireless connector.

Basically, the old school phone needed its power from the traditional way! However, next time we’re in town we’re going to find an operational phone jack!

You can find this rotary phone sound effect in my “Complete Library” within the USA category!

Download Vintage Rotary Phone Sounds from Bandcamp 

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