Rotary Phone Sound Effects, German British, Swedish Models

Recording Original Rotary Phone Sound Effects of German, Swedish & British Telephones

How cool is that? Imagine you walk along the streets and you look into a shop window and realize some super cool vintage rotary phones.
That happened to me a few weeks ago while recording city sounds in Limassol, Cyprus.

Amazing Vintage Rotary Phones

After I saw these treasures I walked into the designer wedding atelier and ask the owner Victoria if I could record the sounds of the rotary phones?
I suppose that doesn’t happen so often and she was very surprised by my questions. We talked about sound recording and I explained to her how important such sound effects are.
Later she gave me a room in the back of the store, we took out all the phones from the window and I was able to get these super cool sounds. Thank you Victoria!


Sound Compilation All Rotary Phone Mix

NOTE: There are no ringing sounds recorded.

I recorded the sound of the hanging up & hanging on the phones and dialing the rotary. For the recording, I used the Usi Pro and one AKG C 411 contact microphone.
I separated the contact microphone recording that can be download individually plus the stereo mix with the contact microphone recordings.

As far as I am correct, brands are Siemens (Germany), Erricson Dialog (Sweden) and GPO (Great Britain) from 1980-1990 or even older.

Download Rotary Phone Sound Library


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