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sound compilation: river & water sounds bear creek colorado

colorado river

River and Water Sounds Bear Creek Colorado


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Recording at bear creek colorado

Bear Creek: A Scenic Stream in the Mountains of Colorado

As an audio enthusiast and field recordist, I was thrilled to embark on a journey to record the sounds of Bear Creek. This tranquil stream, located in the mountains of Colorado, is known for its crystal-clear waters and serene atmosphere.


A Journey to Record the Sound of Bear Creek 

During my visit, I made over 40 recordings with high quality field recording equipment, including the Wildtronics Mono/Stereo Parabolic Dish, the Zoom F8n, and other equipment such as the Usi Pro, Zoom F4, Zoom H3VR, and Zoom H6. My goal was to record the full essence of Bear Creek and bring it to life through sound.


The Sound of Tranquility 

The library I created offers a diverse range of sonic possibilities, from the sound of rushing rapids to the calming trickle of a gentle stream. I also recorded the rustling of leaves and chirping of birds in the surrounding forest, making the library truly representative of the serene atmosphere of Bear Creek.


A Unique Opportunity for Audio Lovers 

This library was the first river creek sound effects library available online from Colorado and offers a unique and exciting opportunity for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike. It was a personal thrill to create this library and I hope it will bring joy to those who appreciate the sounds of nature.


More Nature Sound Libraries to Come 

We have many more nature sound effects libraries from Colorado and other locations here at Free To Use Sounds and while you’re reading this, we’re already out there recording new sounds for you. Stay tuned for more exciting and immersive nature sound experiences.


Sound samples

Rivers Water Sound Effects Library


colorado river sounds

47 files • 24 bit/192/96 kHz • 5 GB
100 min

colorado river

River and Water Sounds Bear Creek Colorado



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