Rainforest Sounds, Footsteps & Zip-Line Screams

The next jungle or rainforest sounds that I recorded was around near Kewin Chae Son National Park at daytime and I did these recording on the same day as the Waterfalls and Stream sounds. Feel free to check them out as well.

A nice extra are the screams sounds of the visitors of the “Flight with Gibbons” Zip-line park.
I started from Chiang Mai with my motorbike around 6 AM and  I arrived the Zip-Line station around 7:45 and after that I drove together with a group in a van starting from the station and we arrived the Zip-Line park 5 minutes later. The main reason for me wasn’t ziplining. I tried to the record the sounds of the gibbons.

rainforest sounds

I couldn’t get these sounds. Maybe I was already to late but I saw three monkeys sitting in the trees eating and hanging out and there weren’t really talky like to Howler Monkeys from Costa Rica but after a few minutes later another sound came to my ears.

The screams of the zip-liners. On my way back I walked underneath the line and saw them zipping down to another station.
I could capture woman scream, men scream and a nice whoosh sound from he zipping without any screamings or “wahoos”!

rainforest sounds

I already knew I had to walk to a different location to avoid the sound of the people and followed a small path uphill. Good choice afterward because I was able to be alone ( not all the time) and could enjoy the sounds of nature.

Anyway, with or without recording gear it was just wonderful to be out here. Everything is just so green and I passed small little waterfalls, creeks with small made up irrigation system & listened to so many insects, birds, and frogs.

rainforest sounds

The humidity out there was pretty intense but I kept on walking because I wanted to reach the end of the trail and see whats coming. I still had hoped to get some monkeys there but I can tell you already that didn’t happen. Instead, after I reached the top I could hear a radio playing and a men worked on his tea farm.

The village is known for its tea and coffee so if you ever come to Chiangmai you should definitely check it out! The drive is around 1.5 hours depending on the traffic.

Here is the location on Google Maps where I started the trail.

What can you hear?

This album is full with birds and cicadas sounds. I recorded me walking uphill you have many footsteps sounds on the different underground and areas.
In the beginning its an open field with high grass and later on its a wet dirt path with stones and mud.

rainforest sounds

I stopped several times to get only nature ambience without walking or footsteps and these sounds are frogs sounds, flowing water of the small creek and of course, in the beginning, you can listen to a small waterfall to my right.

What equipment did I use?

For these recording, I switched between the Zoom F4 and the Zoom H6 recorder and only used my go-to microphones. The DPA 4060.   I hope you enjoy these rainforest sounds!

Do you need more jungle sounds? Check out the album “Jungle Sounds After Midnight“!!

rainforest sounds

Take a listen on Bandcamp and if you like the sounds and feel like you can use them for your next upcoming projects just hit the download button!

NOTE: If you use Firefox and you can’t see the album I created this direct link!

Category: Nature, Jungle Sounds, Animals, Birds, Frogs, Sounds Of Thailand, River & Streams, Waterfall
Type: Jungle Sounds & Forest Ambience
Specs: 16 files • 24 bit / 96 kHz & 192 kHz • 2.3 GB 
Duration: 48 min
Equipment: Zoom F4, Zoom H6, DPA 4060
Delivery: Instant Bandcamp download 
License types: standard license, royalty-free & license-free license
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