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Rain Season Sound Library Thailand

Embrace the symphony of the monsoon with our Rain Season Sound Library, a captivating collection of rain sounds meticulously recorded from our apartment balcony in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  The less frequented road below served as the perfect backdrop for this authentic auditory experience.

With the rain season as our muse, we used our high-end Schoeps CCM 4 and CCM 8 microphones, paired with the Sound Devices MixPre 10ii, to capture the rich texture and rhythm of the rain season. The torrential downpours resonating on concrete, tiles, and metal rooftops created a unique, ominous and eerie soundscape akin to a cinematic sci-fi soundscape.

But this Rain Season Sound Library isn’t merely a collection of heavy rainfall. It’s a chronicle of the day-to-day shifts in the soundscape that accompany the rain season. As the nights took a mysterious turn, the mornings would bloom with the delicate sounds of local fauna, their chirps and calls mingling with the gentle patter of early morning rain.

This Rain Season Sound Library is your window into the sonic world of Thailand’s monsoon season. From the eerie nights to the serene mornings, each track in this collection transports you to Chiang Mai, offering a unique blend of urban and natural elements. Ideal for music, sound design or post production projects, or anyone seeking an authentic rain season audio experience.

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