Pump Jack Sound Effect, California

Recording a pump jack sound effect in California, USA!

On our way from Costa Mesa up to San Jose, we saw several pumpjacks but many of them didn’t work anymore but finally, we saw a few working and we stopped our car and tried to record as good as we could because we had very strong wind but it worked out.

What is a pumpjack and how is it built and what creates the sound that you listen to?

Pumpjacks are used as conveying devices for the production of underground storage fluids when the bearing pressure is not sufficient to reach the surface independently or in sufficient quantity. Oil is mostly extracted.

Depending on the pumpjack and the size, a working stroke is 1 to 5 meters. Two and a half to twelve strokes are customary per minute and the pump can be used economically up to a conveying depths of about 2500 m what is pretty deep.

Now let’s take a look at the graphics and see what creates all the sounds that you listen to.

pump jack sound effect

Credit for the Graphics goes to www.energyeducation.ca! 

But not only the machine creates sound, also the fence that surrounds the pumpjack. The whole fence is shaking and a sign rattles.

These are very unique sounds and we hope you can make the best out of it!

pump jack sound effect

“Funny how a melody sounds like a memory.” – Eric Church


Download pump jack sound effect direct from Dropbox! Enjoy!

Download File



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