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Recording Pub Ambience Sound Effects In Singapore

It was around midnight on a bustling street in Tiong Bahru and I was trying to fall asleep. Even with my earplugs, I could hear dozens of ex-pats from the UK and Australia chatting away while drinking at the bar below the apartment we were staying in.

Luckily, the local pub wasn’t playing any music so I took it upon myself to record this incredible walla! Since bar sounds and pub sound effects are needed for background sounds in film or video production, I knew this had to be captured. So, I walked to the pub and found a perfect spot without imitating the crowd.

Of course, sitting at a table like a lonely person with a bag of microphones and a recorder wasn’t an option. I spotted a gate left from the bar and it was open. I walked upstairs and set up my gear there.

I started recording and in my opinion, it sounded much better than from the outside. Maybe because the walls and the small tunnel funneled the sound more.


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