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Sync Jam


This Sync Jam shirt is a parody of a Looney Tunes feature-length film starring Michael Jordan called Space Jam. It is a fun twist of the process ‘jam sync’ which is when the timecode is jammed into the slate.


More about this tee

Typically on film sets, the sound department needs to sync the timecode camera team. With a cable, the code is “jammed” into the slate providing perfectly synced digits. When it comes time to syncing the audio and footage together in post-production both formats have identical time codes.

If you’re working in the film industry or in film school then you’ve probably witnessed a ‘jam sync’ before. This shirt is perfect for a film student to film enthusiast.

This tee is super comfortable with high-quality cotton and a nice cut. If you prefer a looser fit or worry about shrinking, a larger size is recommended! Our shirts are a unisex style, so please refer to the size guide!


– black (100% cotton)
– white (100% cotton)
– black heather (cotton & poly blend)

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