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Sound Waves


You’re not seeing things… you’re only hearing them! Sound Waves are always around us but many are unaware of the power of this invisible pressure.


More about this tee

As a sound enthusiast, you’re constantly surrounded by these influential waves. From listening to your favorite tunes to creating original sound designs, you have found a way to be one with the vibrating molecules.

Of course, you need a shirt to express your devotion to the expansive sound waves. Our tee will do just that! You deserve apparel to show the world you “feel the vibration” with comfort and style in mind! Made of high-quality cotton, our tees provide a nice cut. If you prefer a looser fit or worry about shrinking, a larger size is recommended! Our shirts are a unisex style, so please refer to the size guide!


– black (100% cotton)
– white (100% cotton)
– black heather (cotton & poly blend)

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