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Sound Mixer


So you’re a sound mixer? Rock on! Then you know without your expertise the highs would be too high and the lows would be too low. Too bad, the majority of the world thinks sound and music magically mixes itself to perfection. Little do they know that there is a kickass sound sensitive person behind all those knobs, screens, and controls making everything sound better!


More about this tee

Our Sound Mixer t-shirt is for all you under-appreciated audio geniuses! Don’t fret, we got you! Now you can walk into your next mixing session with confidence knowing that not only do you have an “ear” for things but also an eye for tasteful sound tees!

This Sound Mixer tee is a great gift for both men and women working in the audio industry, music industry, and production sound! With super comfortable high-quality cotton and a nice cut, you’ll be in your best state to mix sounds. If you prefer a looser fit or worry about shrinking, a larger size is recommended! Our shirts are a unisex style, so please refer to the size guide!


– black (100% cotton)
– white (100% cotton)
– dark grey heather (cotton & poly blend)

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