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Hey, you sound enthusiast! You probably know what lossless means! In case you don’t know or feel like googling it, how about we bring you up to speed!


More about this tee

In laymen’s terms, when audio is compressed to a lossless format (for example FLAC) it retains and stores information in a way that produces the highest quality compression.

In contrast, lossy formats like MP3 compresses the audio to the extent that it produces a noticeable loss in sound quality. Sure the file size is smaller but sounds like crud. No thanks! That’s why audiophiles and DJs are hard bent on having lossless formats pumping through their speakers and headphones.

This ‘Lossless T-Shirt’ uses duplicating text to visually display compression in a fun and stylish way! Anyone who is a stickler for audio quality would instantly get this tee.

Perhaps you’ve fitted your tv with high-quality speakers and the idea of playing an MP3 would be blasphemy. Or maybe, you know someone who helped fund Neil Young’s Pono Kickstarter campaign? Well, if this is you or your friend/loved one then, what’s a better way to show your support to high-quality compression than this Lossless t-shirt?

This tee is super comfortable with high-quality cotton and a nice cut. If you prefer a looser fit or worry about shrinking, a larger size is recommended! Our shirts are a unisex style, so please refer to the size guide!


– black (100% cotton)
– white (100% cotton)
– black heather (cotton & poly blend)

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