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FM Synthesis


FM Synthesis… now that’s something you don’t hear every day in the year 2020. If you’re one of the brainiacs who knows then we probably don’t need it to explain to you!


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If you happen to be unaware of FM Synthesis no sweat we’ll do our best to distill something that is rather complex in a few paragraphs!

FM (Frequency Modulation) Synthesis uses one signal as a modulator (for example a sine wave) to change the pitch of the carrier’s signal which results in a more complex waveform and different sound.

The particular arrangement of these signals, how many there are, and which modulators are modulating which carriers can create both harmonic and inharmonic sounds.

It’s a little complicated, especially if not put into practice to hear how these elements effect one another and the output.

Thanks to a Stanford University professor named John Chowning who developed this audio synthesis, patented and later licensed to Yamaha corporation in Japan. Their commercial use of FM Synthesis was the basis of early synthesizers including the extremely popular Yamaha DX7.

Yamaha then created a simplified version of this synthesizer by creating a chip set, which was used in video games and computer sound cards.

Our FM Synthesis shirt is call back to this musical era of arcade video games, computer games, and gaming consoles. To be more specific the time when composer Hiroshi Kawaguchi created the unforgettable 1980s soundtrack for the 16bit video game Out Run.

These were days of driving an iconic red Ferrari Testarossa Spider beachside and listening to a selectable soundtrack in 16-bit!

While the term FM Synthesis is an obscure term if you played video games or listened to popular synthesizer music from the 80s & 90s then you’ve witnessed the power of it!

This sound shirt is perfect for anyone interested in video games, arcade games, vintage computer games, sound nerds, audiophiles, to music composers.

Our tees are super comfortable with high-quality cotton and a nice cut. If you prefer a looser fit or worry about shrinking, a larger size is recommended! Please refer to the size guide for specific measurements.


– black (100% cotton)
– white (100% cotton)
– aqua (100% cotton)

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