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While others may be appalled to the thought of a dead wombat, you know it’s not a deceased animal we’re talking about but rather the artificial fur used for wind reduction.


More about this tee

Ah, wind noise… the bain of a sound recordist existence. This distortion is a real buzz kill for those high flying boom operators. That’s why these clever folks don’t mess around and equip themselves with only the best defense! You can “fix it in post” until you’re blue in the face but nothing can replace prevention when it comes to pesky wind noise.

Behold the blimp incasing a microphone with a deadwombat. Show your love for the ultimate sound guy’s wind prevention by sporting our microphone t-shirt! Order our sound guy tee today for yourself or any audio lover!


– black (100% cotton)
– white (100% cotton)
– army (100% cotton)

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