Prison Sounds & City Soundscape Kerobokan Denpasar

Prison Sounds and city soundscape recorded in binaural audio around Kerobokan prison Denpasar.

While we are in Bali my friend Alan from Zapsplat asked me if I could record for him sound around the Kerobokan Prison in Denpasar and I lived in Ubud for a month so of course, I am going to do that and I love recording city soundscapes.

This sound is already freely available on my Free To Use Sounds – Zapsplat account in an edited short version and now I give you the super long  20 minutes version and you can cut out the parts you like. You can download from SoundCloud or you scroll down and download directly from my Dropbox. As you wish.

prison sounds

About Hotel K.
Its a very famous prison and several foreigners serve a life sentence in this jail and the locals call the prison Hotel K.
After watching a fascinating documentary about it, it makes kind of sense.
Feel free to watch this documentary from the Australian television called  “Life Inside Bali’s Infamous Kerobokan Prison”! You will be surprised.

For this recording, I used the binaural microphones Soundman OKM Rock Studio and a Tascam DR07-MK2  recorder that already stopped working :(.

The prison itself is west of Denpasar and very close to the beach. The walls are not very high and several prisoners escaped by choosing this way.

About the recordings and what you will listen to.

Anyway, I went to a convenience store bought a water and placed myself in a chair right across the main entrance and watched the people coming in and out of the prison. I realized there are a lot of foreigners coming in and out and now I know why.

If you want you can visit the prison and the prisoners. Back home I found THIS article about it and how it works.

prison sounds

I turned the recorder on and walked over the street. Constructions, cars, motorbikes, trucks, and pedestrians. I got all these crazy sounds covered. The streets are always super busy in Denpasar. If you went here already you know what I mean.
Not forgetting to mention the heat. It was such a hot day but I powered through.

prison sounds

I walked over to the left side of the prison and besides the car traffic, I could hear music coming from behind the walls. It sounded like a prayer who sings through the old loudspeakers. You have this sound several times in the recording. It starts ar around 2:15 min!

Another nice sound that comes out of the prison is at 5:20 min.

Do you see the prison bell in the photo? I got that sound at minute 6:37 min
prison sounds

Another “bing, bang, bong” sound effect at 8:17 min.

We have a little bit of windnoise around the recordings that I couldnt avoid.

Then I turned to the right into a small street and I could see a guard waiting next to a huge metal door. The door opened and he went in. I am happy that I could record the door closing sound of this metal door twice.
These sound are by the minute 11:25 min and 11:35 min.

prison sounds

At minute 11:40 somebody closed his car door and it creates a really awesome squeaking sound.

I walked until the end of the wall, turned around and walked back to the main road.
After passing the main entrance and to the road again I turned right. The wall on my left side and the street to my right. I also walked all the way to the end of the wall and most of the sounds are cars driving, motorbike honking and the construction zone again.

I think I could capture some really nice ambient around the prison and if you can use this audio feel free to hit the download button and if you are just interested how Denpasar sounds like get your headphones ready, close your eyes and enjoy the sound tour :)! We will be back in Bali at the end of July!

prison sounds

Prison itself is a tremendous education in the need for patience and perseverance. It is above all a test of one’s commitment.

Nelson Mandela

Equipment I used:
Soundman OKM II Rock Studio
Tascam DR 07 MK2

…and now I invite you to download this city soundscape around the prison in Denpasar, Bali! Enjoy the sound! 🙂

Download File



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