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Police Motorcade Sound Effects

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Police Motorcade Sound Effects

After completing my motorbike road trip across Vietnam, I spent three weeks in Hanoi to create a sound library of the city’s unique sounds. During one of my drives, I noticed numerous American and North Korean flags lining the streets. Curious, I discovered that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un were holding their second meeting in Hanoi.

As reporters and media outlets from all over the world crowded the city to capture moments of this historic meeting, I saw an opportunity to record sound. Amidst the bustling crowds, I recorded the sounds of police motorcades and convoys for both Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.

At the Melia Hotel, I spent hours capturing the sounds of crowds and traffic before moving to a spot on the side of the road to record the police motorcade for Kim Jong Un. Later, I headed to the Sofitel Hotel, where I recorded the sounds of reporters, crowds, and street traffic.

As the police blocked the road, I captured the sounds of police blocking, whistling, and using loudspeakers to communicate with each other. Although Trump went in another direction, I managed to capture Kim Jun Un’s motorcade twice.

I’m thrilled to have captured these unique soundscapes for you all, so that you can use them in your personal or commercial projects. With this library, you can add the sounds of a historic meeting between two world leaders to your audio collection.


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