Pit Stop! Flat Tire Repair & Air Gun Sound Effects At American Tire Garage

What a start in the day in Orange County. I got into the car and started. I saw the air pressure light on so I got out of the car again and walked around to see if something is wrong! I couldn’t find anything and the tires didn’t look so bad. We still drove to a gas station to fill up some air and I tested the pressure and Libby found a nail right in the back tire on the right site. Okay, let’s go to American Tire in Orange County! We made an appointment at 7 AM and let me tell you. The Service was outstanding and we didn’t had to pay for it either! Seriously this is how you treat costumers or future costumers. If I would know that I could get tires 50 Dollars cheaper somewhere else I still would go to this place because it feels good to give somebody your hard earned money who it deserves.

Air Gun Sound Effects

Oh, I went to so many places while traveling around the word and how often I thought “It sucks to give this place my money because they suck”! You probably had the same situations experienced.
I drove into the Garage and he immediately started taking off the wheel. I asked the Manager if I can record that sound and I told him that I travel around the world and record sounds that anybody can use for free and he said “WOOW, that’s amazing” Good for you”, go ahead and record”!

I recorded the full experience around 10 minutes and you can listen to:
air gun sound effects
taking the tire off the car
rolling and popping the tire on the floor
going to the machine and taking the tire from the rim
you listen to some machine sounds
fixing the hole
mounting the tire back on the rim
air-compressing and filling the tire with air again
going over to the car, mounting the wheel back on the car
fix the tire with the drill and adjusting with the torque wrench

Garage Sound Effects

That was a fun recording in an authentic tire repair garage right on Harbor Blvd!

and now I invite you to download all these different garage sound effects at once! I give you two files! The Original File and the SoundCloud Version!

Original Version

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SoundCloud Version

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