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Bali Farm

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Recording Pig Sound Effects

When we lived in Bali, I had a friend tell me about a pig farm near his home. He knew I would love the place because of the sounds I could record of pigs squealing and snorting. Of course, I took him up on his offer of showing me the location.

Don’t assume this was a large farm. Far from it. There were just a few hogs living in a cement open-air building. Unlike mass farms, you can just walk into this small farm and see the farmer sitting in a corner preparing food for the pigs. When we showed up they were about to be fed so they were anxious to start eating.

One pig was so cute. She was separated from the others and I guess because she was younger. She wanted to be pet the entire time and was super calm and relaxed. The other four pigs lived together on the other side of the wall and they had a lot to say!

I recorded not only “oink sound effects” but I also got pig breathing sounds, pig eating sounds, and peeing sounds in one of the corners.


Equipment used to record these pig sound effects

With my Zoom F4 and DPA 4060, I used a tripod to extend for a closer range of the noises. Also, I used my super handy Zoom H6 recorder and the XY microphones I was able to handheld for a few sounds. They kept trying to bite in the windjammer so I had to be careful not to get too close!

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