Parks and Recreation Sound Effects! Echo Park LA

Recording parks and recreation sound effects at Echo Park Los Angeles!
Park and Recreation Sound Effects

Echo Park has a population of 43,000+ residents in Central Los Angeles and in the Center is the lake with the same name!
Echo Park is also called “the city’s hippest neighborhood” and has many bars, nightclubs, and lots of restaurants. If you feel moving here our friend pays 2700 US Dollar rent a month for a shared apartment in Silverlake! Just saying! 🙂

Where is Echo Park?

Echo Park is around Elysian Valley to the north and northeast with the Elysian Park to the east, Chinatown and Downtown are southeast, Westlake to the southwest and Silver Lake is northwest!

Park and Recreation Sound Effects

For more background let’s go back in time!

In 1870, the recently completed Echo Park Lake was just a drinking water system and known as Reservoir No. 4! To make this lake happen, the LA Canal and Reservoir Company made a 20-foot long dam between the LA River and the reservoir site and then flooded the area. After the lake was filled, Reservoir No. 4 became the largest water Reservoir in Los Angeles! By the end of the 1880s, the company realized that Reservoir No. 4 was a commercial disaster so that the Canal and Reservoir Company gave the reservoir to the city to use it as a park for the people and the idea to create an English-style park was born!

It became a recreational lake and the Los Angeles Herald said in 1896, “Echo Park will be one of the most beautiful spots in Los Angeles.” And still it is a great place!

parks and recreation sound effects

The lake and its surroundings are very nice and always interesting! Characters are included! On that day I saw a little film production working on a set because Echo Park is known to be a great movie and film location. People sitting and hanging out on the grass, Hipsters are always around and sharing the grass with homeless people!

Park and Recreation Sound Effects

A young man without a shirt was sitting on the grass and screamed at the people about all kinds of stuff! His friend asked him if he is aware of his surroundings? Then you have the people who rent these little paddle boats! I am not sure but I think it’s about 5 US Dollar per child and 10 US Dollar per adult and this for one hour! You have the joggers and the cyclists too!

Park and Recreation Sound Effects

These input in less than one hour! It’s crazy and cool at the same time! I like surrounding myself in this environment especially in the night time!

I placed myself about 10 meters or 32 feet away from the water and I would say about 50 meters or 160 feet from the restaurant that is situated on the left site!

Park and Recreation Sound Effects

What parks and recreations sound effects are recorded

-a lot of bird sound effects coming from the tree!
-the water fountain sound in the background!
-people walking in the park sounds!
-the traffic sound from the back and from the other side of the lake!

It is noisy over there and you need good windows to have a little bit of silence! But LA is just so busy!

How did I record these parks sounds

I recorded with the Rode NTG4+ in the Rycote Superblimp! Just that you know this Rode Microphone is a Mono Microphone and some of you ask me for more Stereo Sound so I recorded with the Zoom H6 and the XY Microphone!

Park and Recreation Sound Effects

Location Echo Park Los Angeles

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