Old Wire Drawing Machine! Royalty Free Sounds For Sound Design

Another great day in Hoi An! We drove up to one of our favorite Restaurants Am Vegetarian and I could already hear a very special sound in my ears but didn’t really know where it came from! I was driving on our motorbike and past this young man cutting wire while another man was pulling the wire over the asphalt.

Wire Drawing Machine Sound Effect

Then I saw this machine on the street and I had to stop the bike. What a special sound I thought and it came right into my ears!
That is one of the things I love about recording sounds! I don’t have to look for it.

I stopped the bike and this is another great example why I should always carry a Sound Recorder with me. You never know what sounds you could need until you hear them. I don’t carry my full equipment with because I know how much time it would cost me to make everything ready, maybe the sound would be gone by them or people show up because they are curious. That happened quite often. If you are a Sound Recorder you know what I mean. You got distracted in conversations or you have to explain yourself. I remember so many times I knew that I already hit the “record” button and the people still want to have a conversation and all the recordings are unusable. Or one of the classics is if you knew there is a sound in the next three or five minutes coming, like a train for example, and you need to get the equipment ready. Here he or she is and starts talking and you cant find the XLR cable or where is the tripod again and why is there no SD Card in the Recorder? You know you cant make it in time and whose fault is that? The other person!!

That’s why I love having sometimes just a simple recorder with me. Easy and fast recording!

About the Sound!

Okay, I stopped the bike and went over and showed him with my hands and my ears that I would love to record this sound. He smiled and I placed the recorder right in front of the machine! The machine is so loud that you can barely hear the street traffic. On the left side is the “endless” wire and the machine unwrinkled the steel and the other man walks with it until he has the correct length so that the men next to me can cut the wire with this long wire cutter.

Here are some more photos:

Hanning Induction Motor Wire Drawing Machine Machine Sound Effects

The street where I recorded the sound and the location is right next to the Fitness Studio Super Fit! We actually go there and the monthly Membership is 30 US Dollar for one month!

When you look at the motor you can read Hanning Phase Induction Motor and Taiwan Technology! I made a little bit of research and Hanning is actually a German Company based in Oerlinghausen but has locations in  Lithuania, China, and India for example.

I really love this recording and I guess it is great for sound design or experimental music makers! Enjoy!

For me, the sound design and the musical score is a big part of what makes scary movies work.

James Wan

…and now I invite you to download two free sound versions from a wire drawing machine from the street of Vietnam!

Version One is the Original Version!

Download File

Version Two is a Version where I “killed the mic rumble” in Adobe Audition and I gave them a little bit more Amplitude!

Download File



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