Old Diesel Engine Sound Effect! Yanmar Selfmade Pushback Vehicle

Okay, I have no idea how I should call this vehicle?? A boat, a car or a truck? We drove from Da Nang up to Son Tra Peninsula and on the right site before you enter are many super old Fisher Boats lined up and people working always on them! I saw this man sitting on this extraordinary machine. The exhaust was horrible but the sound was so good! I stopped the motorbike and needed as quickly as possible because it looked like is stopping the engine very soon! I only used the Zoom H6 and walked behind him while he was going to park this “monster”! The tires are almost flat and he needed a lot of power to drive around. You can actually hear that in the recordings. He saw me recording and was quite amused I guess and after I asked him if this is a Yanmar Engine? You should have seen him smile! “Yes Yanmar”!!!

Now it makes more sense! Yanmar is known for making diesel engines for fishing boats as well so this engine could be from a very old fisher boat. The first time I heard from Yanmar was a few years ago as they become a sponsor of the German soccer team Borussia Dortmund.

Here are some photos of this incredible old vehicle!

Old Engine Sound Effects Old Engine Sound Effects Old Engine Sound Effects Old Engine Sound EffectsOld Boat Engine Sound Effects

A recording like this from a machine like that is a treasure for me! I just love machine sounds and this one is already one of my favorite recordings so far and the best is you can download this sound for your next project!

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