Night Sounds & Cicadas Sound Effects Thailand

Recording night sounds (jungle sound effects) at Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

This time I went to the Doi Suthep National Park and I can tell you already. That was an intense adventure.

I left the house around 9 pm and came home almost 2 am in the morning. I thought that’s gonna be an easy one. Driving across the park and stop at places to record. Easy right? Forget the easy part 🙂

Everything worked out great, I drove up to Doi Suthep passed the famous Wat Phrathat temple and the Phu Phing Palace.

Photo of the palace at daytime-Pixabay

Doi Suthep Temple

All easy stuff on the main road but before you reach the Hmong village, you can go either left or to the right. I choose the right way and the road got smaller and smaller filled with some heavy bumps. The street was washed out by the rain. Still not a problem. I looked up in the sky and it was cloudy and no moonlight. Of course, I forgot my headlights at home.

The real adventure began after I reached Doi Pui campground. The official road stops here and just a small street follows deep into the forest. If you have an MTB, motocross, an ATV or a Jeep that’s fine but with my 125ccm city Honda its quite different but durable. But I was up for this adventure and took the road into the darkness. I am here to record night sounds so let’s do it! 🙂

Best decision ever. I was surrounded by such an incredible number of different sounds that blew me away.
I also thought at one moment its good not to watch horror movies.

Photo of the National Park Doi Suthep before the night-Pixabay

Night Sounds Jungle

At one point I stopped listen with headphones anymore. It gets super intense if you listen to the cracking in the woods or you look into all these thousand little eyes in the darkness. They looked back at me and some of these animals probably thought. Who is that guy?

It was so nice to see all the fireflies flying around and listen to this “concert”. Together with the night cicadas and other creatures, the forest really becomes alive. I totally forgot that I stood here in the darkness with no light at all and holding the mics in the air.

I did several binaural recordings and in one of them, you can listen how a piece of a tree falls down to the ground. So cool!
You find it in the recording Nr. 09 starting at minute 2:00 but listen to the amazing sound in the same recording at minute 0:32! I promise you, it’s amazing!

Like to listen how a bat passed me? Go to recording number 12 at minute 1:10. The bat passed me on the right side of my ear and I recorded it binaural. Dont forget to wear headphones.Because of the rainy season, the road was washed out and filled with heavy stones and dirt tracks. Here is a screenshot of it!

My position on Google Maps where I recorded the night sounds

Jungle Sounds

I was stuck in between two roads and I wanted to reach the other side. There was no way I could go back on this scooter. At one point it was so steep and this bike could never make it back up so I had no other choice to power through to find my way out.

All what I thought was, please no rain or flat tire :). Luckily, I had enough gas in the tank and finally, after 3 hours I reached Huay Tueng Thao lake where I recorded the wetland night sounds with frogs and cicadas.

Before I reached the end of the forest I came across a flowing creek crossing the road. It sounded so nice that I placed the Zoom H6 next to it and recorded it for a few minutes. It was such relaxing sounds if I had a tent I would have camped here.

If you like to explore and record day or night sounds on your own here is where you should drive on Google Maps!

I have some “EXTRA” nature sounds for in this sound library included.
I called the soundtracks “day cicadas at monk trail” and “waterfall at monk trail”.

Libby and I went on a hike on the same day and you can listen to the difference of the sounds. Isn’t it so cool how the time changes the mood and the sound of nature?

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