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New Zealand Ambiences Auckland City Rain

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Recording the Sounds of rain in Auckland

Get ready for our newest sound library, “Rainy Day in a Quiet Auckland Neighborhood”! Join me as I share the experience of living in a peaceful residential area near Mount Albert, Auckland, where I recorded the soothing sounds of rain.

In this sound collection, you’ll hear a mix of both intense and gentle rain, calming wind, and cheerful birds chirping. It’s just the right blend to make you feel like you’re right there in that serene Auckland neighborhood.

Our apartment was surrounded by trees and bushes, which really added a nice natural touch to the recordings. We also had a plastic-covered terrace and a concrete entrance road, giving the rain sounds a unique and diverse feel.

With this sound library, you’ll get to hear rain dripping on leaves, trees, concrete, and even the plastic cover. It’s perfect for adding some rain sound effects to your projects.

To capture the full experience, I used two different recording setups. I placed the Sony PCM D100 behind the house, while the DPA 4560 and Zoom F6 were set up in front of the house. So go ahead and immerse yourself in the sounds of a rainy day in Auckland with this cool sound library!


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