Nature Night Sound Effects – Nature Night Sounds Bali

Recordings Nature Night Sound Effects In Bali!

We have one more month in Singapore and I can record a lot of city sounds but if it comes to nature sounds we are very limited to gardens and reservoirs and you have always background noise like cars or contructions.

Nature Night Sound Effects

While we lived in Bali I was able to capture some very interesting and fun nature sound recordings and if you already follow my blog you might have noticed that I love going out in nature at night time. Its fun and scary and at the same time. Goosebumps inclusive.

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Sadly, after the first earthquake hit Lombok and Bali I stopped these recordings in the woods and by the rice fields because it is just too unpredictable that it could happen every time.

Where did I record these Nature Night Sound Effects?

I went to different locations around Bali. One night I drove near Jatiluwih Rice Terraces and another night I drove to Sidemen where I recorded within the rice fields plus next to a flowing river. I recorded more nature sounds around Ubud and in our garden next to the jungle.

Nature Night Sound Effects

Capturing nature sounds in Bali wasn’t easy at all. July August is high season and planes flying in and out all the time. Traffic noise from cars, trucks, and motorbike are just everywhere and if you think you found a great spot in the middle of nowhere wait until you have the headphones on. There is always somewhere a ceremony going on.

If these sounds are not enough for you, make sure to check out my nature sounds category!

I didn’t go all the way up north and not to the far west so I can’t say how it is over there but if we go back to Bali I make sure to visit these places.

After reviewing all the audio I still think I got some really nice nature sounds including birds, cicadas, frogs, water flowing and rain sounds at night!

Nature Night Sound Effects

Files: 12 files 

Size: 3.2 GB

Sample Rate: 96-24 WAV

Duration: Approx. 47 min

Gear: Zoom F4, Zoom H6, DPA 4060

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