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If you are serious about field recording and want to become financially independent with your sound recordings or sound libraries, you need to invest in high-quality audio equipment. There is no way around it. You need to invest in field recorders and microphones that are known by sound engineers, have a good reputation, and reliably in delivering high-quality sound that can be used by sound engineers, sound designers, music makers or video game developers.

In this post, I am listing the most expensive field recording kit that I use for my ambience and sound effects recordings while traveling around the world.

equipment and Price

The Sennheiser MKH 8040 cardioid condenser microphone pair is one of the best investments I’ve made. I paid $2600 and every serious or professional field recordist carries this microphone. If you want to join the club this is the microphone you need.

Sennheiser MKH 8040 Free to Use Sounds

Now you have a microphone but what about wind protection

When it comes to wind protection, you have a lot of options, but I went for a premium wind protection. The Cinela Albert.

I can use the Sennheiser MKH 8040 as ORTF or XY pair. Yes, the Cinela Albert is more expensive than a Rycote WS AE ORTF kit or the Stereo Cyclone XY kit 1 but is worth every dollar I spent.

During our road trip across Iceland, I was able to record ambience with strong winds but without noticing any wind noise in the recording. It’s all handcrafted in France and the price for it was $1,300. I would always recommend Cinela but if you like to go for a cheaper option, check out the Rycote products.

Free To Use Sounds Recording in Iceland

Now we've microphones & wind protection! What about a recorder

We can save some money here. I’m using the Zoom F6 Field Recorder since 2019 and I can record in 32-bit float. I am not recording in any other format with this recorder. I can even go up to 96 kHz 32 bit in Ambisonic sound. The Zoom F6 Field Recorder costs $650 and is $300 cheaper than similar Sound Devices like a MixPre-6 II which is another great field recorder.
For power, I currently use a Watson NP-F770 battery which is around $40 and several San Disk Extreme SD cards that you can find for $15.

Zoom F6 - Free to Use Sounds

How to connect the Cinela Albert with the zoom f6

To connect the Zoom F6 with the Cinela Albert and the two Sennheiser MKH 8040, all you need is the right cable. I’m using a 5-pin to two 3-pin XLR from Mogami and another backup cable from Cinela. Both are made and customized by Cinela directly and are priced between $50 and $70. 

other items I'm using with this kit

For the Zoom F6, I use the Ktek Stingray for Zoom F6 bag, and that bag costs around $100 and with a rain cover it’s $110.

To set up the Cinela as quickly and conveniently as possible, I use the Manfrotto Carbon Nanopole for $165 and the Rycote quick connector for $100

And last but not least, I use the very affordable Audio Technica ATH M30x headphones, which I bought for $ 70, to monitor the sound recordings and also edit them.

Rycote Boom PCS - Free to Use Sounds


This  field recording kit is my main ambient field recording kit and it all adds up to $5,110. I learned a lot in the past and bought the wrong equipment that cost me not only a lot of nerves but also over $3,000. This is money I could have invested in such gear from the beginning. So don’t make the same mistake if you’re serious about field recording. With such a high-end kit you can not only record great sounds but also start making money.

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