Museum Sound Library – Japanese Sound Effects

This royalty free sound library features recordings from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum including walla of an international crowd and movements.

The main museum was under construction by the time I recorded the ambience. People gathered on two floors and created this interesting soundscape. The rooms are very small so people are very tight together and noisy.


Sound Compilation Museum Sound Effects


For the recordings, I used the Soundman OKM Rockstudio and the Zoom H6. I walked slowly between all the people to capture these moments and recorded in 96/24 wav.


Museum Sound Library
crowd noise sound effects at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


This library includes following sound effects

  • crowd walla & whispering in English, Japanese
  • fabric noise & movements
  • natural echo, reverb & room tone
  • plastic bags noise coming from the umbrella rain protection
  • footsteps & walking
  • people coughing, sniffing & sneezing
  • escalator up sound effects
  • cashier & coins dropping
  • traffic pass by sound effects in front of the museum before the rain
  • bicycle pass by
  • pedestrian walk by

All sound effects are metatagged and fully searchable in Soundminer, Soundly, Basehead or any other software you may use! 


Download Museum Sound Library – Japanese Sound Effects

As a Complete Library user (just $10) or All In One Bundle user (just $18) you can have these sounds and thousands more! All sounds included in this post can be found inside the “Japan Category ”!

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More museum crowd sound libraries from Nicosia, Ho Chi Minh City & Denver are coming soon!

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