Motorcade Sound Effects Reporter & Crowds – Kim Jong Un Donald Trump Hanoi

Recording Convoy Sounds -Motorcade Sound Effects & crowds/reporter walla at the Summit between USA & North Korea.

After I finished my motorbike road trip across Vietnam I decided to spend the last 3 weeks in Hanoi. My intention was to create another expansive sound library in the capital. Similar to my Ho Chi Minh Sound Library, I wanted to capture unique soundscapes of the bustling daily life in Hanoi.

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While driving across the city I saw American and North Korean flags across the city. My curiosity piqued and thanks to Google, I discovered that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un were having their second meeting in Hanoi. Their first historical meeting between the United States and North Korea took place in Singapore in June 2018.

Of course, the city was temporarily populated by reporter and media outlets from all over the world. It goes without saying, that I took this monumental meeting as an opportunity to record sounds!

Motorcade Sound Effects Reporter & Crowds
Waiting Crowd At Melia Hotel

I did my research and appeared at the Melia Hotel at 9 am and ended up leaving 10 pm at the Sofitel Complex. I realized I haven’t eaten anything until then.

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Imagine there is a crowd of reporters trying to capture moments of the Presidents and then there’s me who only want to record audio of the crowd and police motorcade!

Even reporters were curious about what I was doing! Throughout the day, several approached me and asked which station I’m from. This is how most of the conversation started.

Motorcade Sound Effects Reporter & Crowds
Fox News Reporter

Journalists: So what station are you from?
Me: I am from no station I am just here for the sound.
Journalists: Wait for a second, what do you mean?
Me: I travel around the world and record sounds…
Journalists: Tell me more…

I went on telling them about my passion for recording sounds and that we (Libby and I) have been traveling around the world for almost four years now.

Motorcade Sound Effects Reporter & Crowds
Recording Reporter Walla

It was an unexpectedly fun day hanging out with reporters from Al Jazeera, Reuter, the New York Times and Vietnam Television.

After I recorded the overall crowds and traffic around the Melia Hotel for several hours, I stepped away from the reporters to find a good place on the side of the road. My task was to record the sound of the motorcade and Police convoy for Kim Jong Un. After 6 pm the convoy left the hotel and I captured an amazing soundscape of the sirens from the police cars and motorbikes.

After that, I walked to the Sofitel Hotel where Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met for dinner. Once I arrived I found probably 10 times the amount of reporters, camera teams, and observers than at the Melia Hotel.

Motorcade Sound Effects Reporter & Crowds
Reporters By The Sofitel Hotel

I was able to snag great audio of the reporters, crowds, and street traffic. This was an ideal spot where I captured street ambiance of police blocking, whistling and using loudspeakers to communicate with one another.

After the police finally blocked the road, we were all under suspense to catch a glimpse of the politicians. I could feel the energy in the air was changing and the tension increases.

While I was waiting, I just kept the recorder running without recording. Just with the headphones on and listening to what’s going on right now in this moment. It’s an incredible experience if you see it from a sound recording perspective.

Motorcade Sound Effects Reporter & Crowds
Crowd Is Waiting For The Motorcade

There is so much going on in these moments. If you really pay attention to the details in the sound, I hope you can feel what I experienced.

In the end, Trump went in another direction and I recorded Kim Jun Un’s motorcade twice. It was still great and I’m so happy to have been there to capture this audio for you all!

Thank you for reading and being with me on this sound journey around the world!

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