Motorbike Sound Effects. Engine Starting & Driving

Recording motorbike sound effects in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The beginning of my field recording journey started in Siem Reap, Cambodia with these motorbike sound effects and the recording of me starting and driving around on a motorbike in Siem Reap.

My only recorded was my beloved Zoom H1! We rented this Motorbike from our Landlord and the price was around 40 US Dollar for the month. Normally you pay around 5 US Dollar a day for a motorbike if you walk around the town and look ask in the shops!

Also, most foreigners aren’t allowed to drive with a motorbike around Siem Reap but nobody ever stopped me. A tricky area where they could stop you is if you drive up to Angkor Wat and if you do it and you don’t have a ticket to the temples you are doomed.

But having penalty money in the pocket is always a good idea.  As I mention nobody ever stopped us and you see many foreigners driving around. If you planning on getting a motorbike and the police stop you, just smile be polite and wear always a helmet.

A good resource for my about information like renting apartments or know what’s going on in Siem Reap is the Facebook Group  “Expats Living in Siem Reap” 

How I recorded these free motorbike sound effects

The Sound of my rented motorbike is special because this bike is 10 years or older and passed the 70000 km already. A country like Cambodia or Vietnam shows you of what kind of high-quality materials these bikes are made off.

If you walk or drive around Siem Reap you can see all the Tuk Tuks. Imagine one person driving with a trailer behind and sometimes is the trailer full of six people. It is incredible.

motorbike sound effects

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Equipment I used to capture these motorbike sound effects

Zoom H1 Recorder

 Download this free motorbike Engine Starting Sound Effect from Dropbox for free

You can find this sound effects in my Cambodia Category within the Complete Library!

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