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Mechanical Sound Effects Library Lighthouse

I never thought that I would have the chance to record such amazing mechanical sounds inside an old lighthouse, but that all changed when I stumbled upon the lighthouse in Da Nang, Vietnam. I am a huge fan of machine sounds, and this recording session was truly a special experience for me.


Discovering the History of the Lighthouse

After I finished recording, I became curious about the history of the lighthouse and did some research. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was built by the French administration in 1902 and commissioned in 1903. The optic mechanism was made by Barbier, Benard, and Turenne in Paris and was specifically made for the lighthouse. I was thrilled to have recorded a piece of history and to be able to share it with others.


Getting Inside the Lighthouse

While riding along the coast of Da Nang on a motorbike, Libby and I stumbled upon this lighthouse. I knew I had to get closer and see if I could get inside. To my surprise, the security guard was very friendly and allowed me to go inside.


Recording the Sounds

Sitting inside the lighthouse, surrounded by these beautiful mechanical sounds, felt like being transported back in time. To record the sounds, I positioned myself next to the mechanical rack-wheel and recorded the turning circles, which created the “click-clack” sounds.

To my right was a power control generator, which added a vibrant “buzzing” sound to the recording.
I used my Rode NTG4+ (Mono) microphone, the Zoom H6 Recorder, and the Rycote Super Blimp (even though there was no wind inside).


Sharing the Sounds

These royalty-free mechanical cogwheel sounds are perfect for anyone working in post-production or music making. I hope that you have as much fun using these sounds as I did recording them!


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